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A Furious Sky

Nonfiction: History
Unabridged   12.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 09/08/2020

Kirkus Best 100 Nonfiction Books of 2020

A Furious Sky

The Five-Hundred-Year History of America's Hurricanes

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684579365
Digital Download ISBN:9781684579358


With A Furious Sky, bestselling author Eric Jay Dolin tells the history of America itself through its five-hundred-year battle with the fury of hurricanes.

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Product Description

With A Furious Sky, Eric Jay Dolin has created a vivid, sprawling account of our encounters with hurricanes, from the nameless storms that threatened Columbus's New World voyages to the destruction wrought in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria. Weaving a story of shipwrecks and devastated cities, of heroism and folly, Dolin introduces a rich cast of unlikely heroes and puts us in the middle of the most devastating storms of the past, none worse than the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, which killed at least 6,000 people, the highest toll of any natural disaster in American history.

Dolin draws on a vast array of sources as he melds American history, as it is usually told, with the history of hurricanes, showing how these tempests frequently helped determine the nation's course. Hurricanes, it turns out, prevented Spain from expanding its holdings in North America beyond Florida in the late 1500s, and they also played a key role in shifting the tide of the American Revolution against the British in the final stages of the conflict. As he moves through the centuries, following the rise of the United States despite the chaos caused by hurricanes, Dolin traces the corresponding development of hurricane science, from important discoveries made by Benjamin Franklin to the breakthroughs spurred by the necessities of World War II and the Cold War.


"Audie Award-winning narrator Souer is a perfect match for compelling prose that informs and entertains, combining science with art. He effectively uses clear and breathless narration, like a meteorologist recounting historical facts and true storm stories in real time.” --Booklist Audio Review

“A fast-paced and informative history of American hurricanes from the 16th century through the 2017 season . . . Packed with intriguing miscellanea, this accessible chronicle serves as a worthy introduction to the subject. Readers will be awed by the power of these storms and the wherewithal of people to recover from them.” -Publishers Weekly

“[T]his compelling book is much more than a meteorological history, it is a remarkably human story of people struggling with nature at its fiercest and the myriad ways hurricanes have affected the course of human events. . . . Many of [these] true tales of survival and loss will tug at the readers’ heartstrings as Dolin makes them vivid and memorable.” - James Pekoll, Booklist Starred Review

“Drawing on abundant sources. . . and with an academic background in environmental policy, Dolin, who has a doctorate in environmental policy, offers an authoritative and lively history of hurricanes . . . Besides chronicling the tense period leading up to landfall, the violent impact, the immediate responses, and the long-term recoveries, the author offers a fascinating history of weather forecasting. . . Dolin underscores the threat of global warming to worsen hurricanes and urges society to act quickly and boldly ‘to counter this threat in any way we can.’ A sweeping, absorbing history of nature’s power.” -Kirkus Starred Review

Author Bio

Eric Jay Dolin is the bestselling author of Leviathan and Black Flags, Blue Waters. He and his family live in Marblehead, Massachusetts.