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All That Is Left Is All That Matters

Fiction: Literary; Short Stories
Unabridged   4.75 hour(s)
Publication date: 07/10/2018

All That Is Left Is All That Matters


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Audio CD ISBN:9781684412105
Digital Download ISBN:9781684412112


All That Is Left Is All That Matters is a searing, poignantly rendered collection of stories chronicling the lives of ordinary people battling the forces of love and loss.

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Product Description

In eleven beautifully wrought stories—ranging from occupied Czechoslovakia to California's Central Valley to the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest—Mark Slouka explores moments in life when our backs are to the wall. Whether battling the end of desire, the fact of injustice, or death itself, the men and women in these stories are willing to use whatever comes to hand—luck, accident, desperate gesture—to emerge victorious.

In "Crossing," a father hoping to compensate for his failures finds himself facing his past while fording a river with his young son on his back; in "Conception," a young couple frozen by the possible end of their marriage is offered an unexpected way back; in "Half- Life," a proud, aging shut-in finds her resolve tested by an extraordinary visitor determined to shatter her solitude. Alternately harrowing and redemptive, these are stories of ordinary men and women, doing everything possible to tighten their grip on life.


“Foster effortlessly embodies these diverse characters, individualizing them with deeper tones for age, gravelly nuances for experiences, tentative rises for not-yet maturity.” —Booklist

“Crisp, poignant. . . . These are subtle, meditative, well-crafted stories, death-backed but life-affirming.” -Kirkus

“Mark Slouka is one of the best American writers alive today, and the title of his new story collection is perfect: this is essential stuff, and it will break your heart.” —Brian Hall, author of Fall of Frost

“The power in the memories [Slouka] so intensely evokes is heart stopping in its beauty, liberating in its acknowledgment of essential truths. . . . Put Slouka's work in the hands of fans of the Richards―Ford, Powers, and Russo―and watch what happens.” —Booklist Starred

“Disquieting, sharply compressed short stories. . . . Even the most seemingly casual of these tales vibrate with danger, and together, they create the sense of a world where unendurable loss is just one misplaced footstep away.” —Publishers Weekly

Author Bio

Mark Slouka's most recent books are the memoir Nobody's Son and the award-winning novel Brewster. His work has appeared in The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Essays, and the PEN / O. Henry Prize Stories. He lives in Brewster, New York.