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Around the World in (More Than) 80 Days

Nonfiction: Political Science
Unabridged   11 hour(s)
Publication date: 12/08/2020

Around the World in (More Than) 80 Days

Discovering What Makes America Great and Why We Must Fight to Save It

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Digital Download ISBN:9781696603164


The author of The Grace Effect presents his latest book.

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Product Description

A battle rages for the heart and soul of America. For one group, the idea of "American Exceptionalism" is dead. Some never tire of lecturing us about how out-of-step America is with the rest of the world and how she needs to get with it. Worse, America, they say, is bad for the world. Her freedom and prosperity are merely historical accidents.

Of course, this narrative presupposes there are better places in the world to live. Are there? Were Alec Baldwin to leave the country permanently as he once promised, where would he go?

Author Bio

Larry Alex Taunton is a freelance columnist with contributions to USA Today, Fox News, First Things, the Atlantic, CNN, and the American Spectator. He is also the author of The Grace Effect and The Gospel Coalition Book of the Year The Faith of Christopher Hitchens.