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Articles of War

Fiction: Historical Fiction
Unabridged   6 hour(s)
Publication date: 02/17/2005

Articles of War

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Audio CD ISBN:9781565119482
Digital Download ISBN:9781598874266


The terrors of a young soldier come to life in shocking, almost hallucinatory detail in a powerful first novel that follows in the footsteps of The Red Badge of Courage and A Farewell to Arms.

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Product Description

“The boy they called Heck arrived at Omaha Beach in August 1944. Soon he would be sent to the front . . . ” George Tilson, an 18-year-old Iowa farm boy, is nicknamed Heck because he won't curse. Other than that, he's a typical soldier, willing to do his duty without much fuss or musing about grand goals.

During his first horrific exposure to combat, Heck discovers a dark truth about himself: He is a coward. Shamed by his fear and tortured by the never-ending physical dangers around him, he struggles to survive, to live up to the ideal of the American fighting man, and to make sense of his feelings for a young French refugee. As the stark reality of combat—and the knowledge that he could cease to exist at any moment—presses in on him, he makes a series of choices that would be rational in every human situation except war.

Writing with remorseless clarity in a starkly minimalist style, Arvin draws you into the unimaginable fear, violence, and chaos of the war zone—and creates one of the most disturbing and unforgettable accounts of a soldier's life ever written.


“Cullum narrates with a tone of spiritual withdrawal that seems exactly suited to the moral dilemmas faced by Heck. Both story and reading are compelling, their message challenging.”

“. . . a tough and visceral vision of war as 'a universe unto itself and a moral crucible.”
      —The New York Times

Author Bio

NICK ARVIN is a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, a recipient of the Michener Fellowship, and the author of In the Electric Eden, a collection of short stories. He lives in Denver, Colorado, where he works as a forensic engineer.

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