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Be My Wolff

Fiction: Literary
Unabridged   19.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 02/14/2017

Be My Wolff

A Novel

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Audio CD ISBN:9781681684598
Digital Download ISBN:9781681684604


A nimble, extraordinarily moving novel about a sister and adopted brother with a one-of-a-kind connection.

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Product Description

Zachariah and Rachel Wolff are brother and sister. Well, not exactly. They are star-crossed lovers. Well, not exactly. Rachel is the cherished daughter born to a Russian family living in London, and Zachariah is her parents' adopted son, who arrived from the orphanage with one jumper, a head of rambunctious curls, and a dexterous set of fists, or fives, as he likes to call them. As children, Rachel and Zach were as close as two people could be. But when they crossed this forbidden line, there was no going back. Now, as an adult, coping with Zach's estrangement from their formidable father, Rachel is determined to invent a family history for her beloved. And so the novel cartwheels through Zach's imagined ancestry—from a tavern-educated boxer in Dickensian times to a Hussar during the Napoleonic Wars. All the while, Zach and Rachel's troubles in the present are building to a new point of no return.

Filled with art and science, fairy tales and folk songs, tsars and foundlings, Be My Wolff is a novel of astonishing range and imagination: a love story, an exuberant adventure through time and place, and a tale of our most unbreakable bonds.


"Emma Richler's Be My Wolff is narrated by Lucy Rayner, whose voice lends power to the complex and engrossing story." —Donovan's Literary Services

Author Bio

Emma Richler was born in London and grew up there and in Montreal. She attended university in France and trained as an actress in New York. Her previous books are Sister Crazy and Feed My Dear Dogs. She lives in London.