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The Orchid Thief

Susan Orlean; read by Anna Fields

The Orchid Thief is the true story of John Laroche, an obsessed Florida plant dealer willing to go to any lengths to steal rare and protected wild orchids and clone them, all for a tidy profit. Learn More

Howard Schultz with Joanne Gordon; read by Stephen Bowlby

In the highly anticipated follow-up to his first bestseller, the CEO of Starbucks recounts the story and leadership lessons behind the global coffee company’s comeback. Learn More
One and Only

Gerald Nicosia and Anne Marie Santos; read by Vanessa Hart and Stephen Bowlby

The Real Woman Behind Kerouac's MaryLou

The story of Lu Anne Henderson, the woman who loved—and was loved by—Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady. Learn More
Of Bears and Ballots

by Heather Lende; read by Karen White

The writer whom the Los Angeles Times calls “part Annie Dillard, part Anne Lamott,” now brings her quirky and compassionate take on holding local office. Learn More
NPR American Chronicles: First Ladies

NPR; hosted by Cokie Roberts

Audie Finalist
AudioFile Earphones Award Winner

While the role of the first lady has changed dramatically over the course of the nation’s history, one thing remains constant: Americans have always been fascinated by the wives of the President. Learn More
Not a Game

by Kent Babb; read by Michael Butler Murray

Shortlisted for the PEN/ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing

Through extensive research and interviews with those closest to Iverson, acclaimed Washington Post sportswriter Kent Babb gets behind the familiar, sanitized, and heroic version of the hard-changing, hard-partying athlete who played every game as if it were his last. Learn More
Nobody's Girl Friday

by J. E. Smyth; read by Karen White

Looking back on her career in 1977, Bette Davis remembered with pride, "Women owned Hollywood for twenty years." She had a point. Between 1930 and 1950, over forty percent of film industry employees were women, twenty five percent of all screenwriters were female, one woman ran MGM behind the scenes, over a dozen women worked as producers, a woman headed the Screen Writers Guild three times, and press claimed Hollywood was a generation or two ahead of the rest of the country in terms of gender equality and employment. Learn More
No One Man Should Have All That Power

By Amos Barshad; read by Johnny Heller

An exploration of infamous, controversial figures and how they exert control. Learn More
The Nine Lives of Pakistan

by Declan Walsh; read by Roger Clark

The former New York Times Pakistan bureau chief paints an arresting, up-close portrait of a fractured country. Learn More
Nine Irish Lives

by Mark Bailey; read by Alana Kerr Collins and Alan Smyth

In the spirit of David McCullough's Brave Companions, this anthology of popular American history presents the stories of nine incredible Irish immigrants as written by nine contemporary Irish Americans. Learn More
Never a Lovely So Real

by Colin Asher; read by David Colacci

This definitive biography reclaims Nelson Algren as a towering literary figure and finally unravels the enigma of his disappearance from American letters. Learn More

by Peter Godwin; read by Peter Godwin

The author shares his experiences as a white child growing up in an African colony rapidly collapsing into chaos, in a memoir of Africa seen through the eyes of a child as a magical, frightening place and then through the haunted eyes of an adolescent soldier. Learn More
Mother of the Unseen World

by Mark Matousek; read by Sean Runnette

Mother of the Unseen World is a revealing exploration of Mother Meera, the Indian enlightener and mystic who embodies the Divine Feminine. Writing with her approval and cooperation, Mark Matousek, a longtime follower, has crafted a deeply moving and insightful book that takes us as close as possible to this remarkable woman, and to the experience of enlightenment. Learn More

Bengie Molina and Joan Ryan; read by Henry Leyva

The inspiring true story of the poor Puerto Rican factory worker, Benjamin Molina Santana, who against all odds raised the greatest baseball dynasty of all time: Molina’s three sons—Bengie, José, and Yadier—have each earned two World Series rings, which is unprecedented in the sport, and Molina’s story is told by one of them, Bengie. Learn More
Missing Man

Barry Meier; read by Ray Porter

Missing Man is a fast-paced story set against the backdrop of the twilight war between the United States and Iran, one in which hostages are used as political pawns. Filled with stunning revelations, it chronicles a family's ongoing search for answers and one man's desperate struggle to keep his hand in the game. Learn More
A Million Little Pieces

by James Frey; read by LJ Ganser

A searing and controversial story of drug and alcohol abuse and rehabilitation, told with the charismatic energy of Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and the revelatory power of Burroughs' Junky. Learn More
Midnight in Siberia

David Greene; read by the author

NPR host David Greene travels along the Trans-Siberian Railroad, capturing an overlooked, idiosyncratic Russia in the age of Putin. Learn More

by David G. Marwell; read by Paul Woodson

Amazon Best Book of the Month

A gripping biography of the infamous Nazi doctor, from a former Justice Department official tasked with uncovering his fate.
Learn More
Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy

by Anne Boyd Rioux; read by Kimberly Farr

Library Journal Best Books 2018

As the beloved classic celebrates its 150th anniversary, discover the story of the novel that captured the imaginations of generations of girls. Learn More
Master of the Mountain

Henry Wiencek; read by Brian Holsopple

A new interpretation of our charismatic third president, with much new information—the eyes have been on Sally Hemings, but the last taboo is money. Learn More
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