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Blood Safari

Fiction: Mystery / Thriller / Suspense
Unabridged   11.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 10/12/2010

Blood Safari

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Audio CD ISBN:9781615735440
Digital Download ISBN:9781615735457


From the king of South African crime thrillers. A bodyguard and the woman who has hired him to protect her are drawn into a dark mystery steeped in the ethos of South Africa.

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Product Description

Lemmer is a professional bodyguard. Silent, invisible, he never gets involved. Emma le Roux is convinced she’s seen her brother on the news as a suspect in the recent killing of four poachers. But her brother is supposed to have died twenty years ago.

When le Roux hires Lemmer to watch her back while she goes looking for answers, it becomes clear someone wants to keep them in the dark. And when that someone tries to murder them both, for once in his life Lemmer steps out of the shadows.


“Simon Vance builds the tension with tone, pacing, and inflection. Meyer’s forte is character development, in particular the character of Lemmer. Vance reveals a man who slowly brings down his emotional wall as he tells his own story.”

“A perfectly paced reading.”

“[T]his first-class thriller . . . manages to include South African history and musings on apartheid and the environment without losing a beat of its feverish pacing. . . . Vance uses a tough, terse delivery that nails the character as a South African version of Jack Reacher. And he’s just as on target in crafting variations of that accent for the rest of the cast. Men, women, white, black, friends and foes, Vance has their vocal number.”
      —Publishers Weekly

“Meyer, who writes in Afrikaans, is far and away the best crime writer in South Africa. The action is as exciting as any reader of thrillers has a right to demand. The writing is fluent and coherent and full of insight into the problems of South Africa. As Meyer writes, money and poverty and greed do not lie well together. But they make a hell of a thriller.”
      —Matthew Lewin, Guardian

“Pulsating and gripping.”
      —The Sunday Times

Blood Safari is my first exposure to the man billed by his publishers as the "king of South African crime thrillers". For once the publicity spinners are not guilty of hyperbole—Meyer is simply excellent.”
      — Business Day

“Meyer is a serious writer who richly deserves the international reputation he has built. Blood Safari manages to be both an exciting read and an eye-opening portrait of a nation with problems perhaps even more complex and agonizing than our own.”
      —Washington Post

      —Kirkus Reviews

“The action comes fast and furious . . . a terrific and unusual thriller, the fifth of Meyer’s novels . . . each of which has been better than the last.”
      —Mary Whipple, Seeing the World Through Books

“A big, sexy novel . . . two compelling characters, Lemmer and Emma le Roux – but there’s another character and that’s contemporary South Africa itself. You’ve got race, reconciliation, resentment, environment, tourism – they’re all propelling this novel along.”
      —The World, NPR

“South African bestseller Deon Meyer’s greatest strength lies in his keen ability to create flawed characters clawing their way towards personal redemption . . . Deon Meyer is hot property . . . exotic locales, searing prose, and a protagonist who flies off the pages.”
      — Madison County Herald

“In his signature style, Meyer delivers a stinging critique of contemporary South African society by vivifying the tensions between native Africans, conservationists, and corporate profiteers...the crisp action scenes are never less than thrilling. A solid addition to the prizewinning crime novelist’s growing body of work.”
      — Booklist

“Deon Meyer's novels explore the complex reality of South Africa, a world little known to many of us. At the most obvious level, they are exciting stories of crime, conflict and revenge, but they are more than that: ambitious attempts to show us the pain and greatness of a troubled nation that is still being born.”
      — Miami Herald

Author Bio

DEON MEYER lives in Durbanville in South Africa with his wife and four children. Other than his family, Deon’s big passions are motorcycling, music, reading, cooking and rugby. In January 2008 he retired from his day job as a consultant on brand strategy for BMW Motorrad, and is now a full time author. Deon Meyer’s books have attracted worldwide critical acclaim and a growing international fanbase. Originally written in Afrikaans, they have now been translated into several languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Japanese and Polish.