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Bob Goes to Jail

Nonfiction: Memoir
Unabridged   9 hour(s)
Publication date: 07/27/2021

Bob Goes to Jail

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Digital Download ISBN:9781684579570


Rob Sedgwick presents his hilarious and touching memoir, Bob Goes to Jail.

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Product Description

Rob Sedgwick was born into one of America’s oldest families and Manhattan royalty. His sister is Kyra Sedgwick, the actress; his brother is painter Nikko Sedgwick; his brother-in-law is movie star Kevin Bacon, and his stepfather was renowned art dealer Ben Heller, who pioneered the careers of Jackson Pollack and Mark Rothko. So, to say Rob has struggled to stand out in a family of big personalities is a huge understatement. In his hilarious and touching memoir, Bob Goes to Jail, Rob relates his journey from lost little boy to hapless criminal with such honesty and heart that you can't help but root for him.

In Bob Goes to Jail, Sedgwick recounts how the DEA and the NYPD mistook him for a drug lord and arrested him. When his lawyer told him to get a steady job to show he was a contributing member of society, Sedgwick got a role playing a drug lord on One Life to Live.

Bob Goes to Jail is the story of a New York socialite with a price on his head from the Mexican mob. It's the story of a Hollywood actor who did New York soap operas because his parole wouldn't let him leave the isle of Manhattan. Full of self-examination, biting comedy, absurd situations, and very human feeling, Bob Goes to Jail is more than the memoir of a man: it is the story of the search for love, the yearning for acceptance, and the struggle to find oneself.

Author Bio

Rob Sedgwick, a lifelong New Yorker, is a father, son, brother, friend, actor, acting teacher, and lover of dogs—especially pit bulls. Currently, Rob is a mentor and teacher to a group of ridiculously talented students at his acting conservatory in New York City.