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Car Talk: Tales of the Brothers Grime

Performance - Spoken Word
Nonfiction: Public Radio / Car Talk / Humor / Automotive Repair
Unabridged   1 hour(s)
Publication date: 09/29/2009

Car Talk: Tales of the Brothers Grime

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Audio CD ISBN:9781598878950
Digital Download ISBN:9781615730131


The Brothers Grimm told tales that in their original, unedited form were strange, sometimes rambling, and of dubious moral integrity—in other words, they’re the perfect model for our Brothers Grime, the Tappet Brothers.

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Product Description

America’s favorite auto mechanics share reminiscences, rants, and hate mail in another time-wasting yet genuinely useful collection of highlights from their long-running radio show.

So one day the guys were at a restaurant enjoying a cake someone delivered to their table. On their way out, they realized their mistake: It wasn’t their cake after all. It was Grammy’s birthday cake, bound for a party at a nearby table. They apologized later on the air.

Tom and Ray lead colorful (not to mention grimy) lives, and each week they share the hilarity with millions of radio listeners. Their latest collection will delight diehard fans and anyone who cares about cars and good humor. Along with the usual dose of belly laughs, it includes Tommy’s memories of his misadventures in the US Army, stories from the guys about their beloved pal Vito, and the debut performance of the Click and Clack Barbershop Quartet Minus Two singing “Goodbye My Coney Island Baby.” That the debut was also the farewell performance is no coincidence.


“A blue-collar cacophony that rivals the hum and whiz of your average service station in all its grease-loving glory.”

Author Bio

TOM AND RAY MAGLIOZZI, a.k.a. Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, are the hosts of NPR’s Car Talk, a syndicated weekly call-in program broadcast nationwide to more than 600 stations and heard by over 3.3 million listeners. Winner of the Peabody Award, Car Talk has been providing advice on everything from car repair to marriage since 1977.

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