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The Busy Body

Donald E. Westlake; read by Brian Holsopple

The funeral for a Mafia drug mule leads to trouble when the body goes missing. Learn More
The Hunter and Other Stories

Dashiell Hammett; read by Ray Chase, Stephen Bowlby, Brian Holsopple, and Donna Postel

From the author of hard-boiled detective fiction classics such as The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man comes a stunning collection of stories, several of which have never before been published. Learn More
Cast a Yellow Shadow

Ross Thomas; read by Brian Holsopple

An old friend draws barman Mac McCorkle into a deadly international game. Learn More
Never Cross a Vampire

Stuart Kaminsky; read by Brian Holsopple

A classic from MWA Master Stuart Kaminsky. P.I. Toby Peters guards a horror icon against a gang of crazed vampire enthusiasts. Learn More
Sandrine's Case

Thomas H. Cook; read by Brian Holsopple

A college professor must unspool the history of his tumultuous relationship with his free-spirited wife—as he stands trial and faces the death penalty for her murder. Learn More
Jimmy the Kid

Donald E. Westlake; read by Brian Holsopple

Life imitates art in this caper featuring bungling criminals who base their kidnapping plan on a novel. Learn More
Dancing Aztecs

Donald E. Westlake; read by Brian Holsopple

From the “master of the rolling scam,” here is a hilarious crime caper set in New York. A hot hustler is searching for a million-dollar Aztec sculpture that is accidentally mixed with cheap plaster copies. From Harlem to Greenwich, a motley cast chases the lost piece. Learn More
Master of the Mountain

Henry Wiencek; read by Brian Holsopple

A new interpretation of our charismatic third president, with much new information—the eyes have been on Sally Hemings, but the last taboo is money. Learn More
The Backup Men

Ross Thomas; read by Brian Holsopple

Saloon owner Mac McCorkle and former CIA agent Mike Padillo team up to help a pair of bodyguards being pursued by assassins—who soon add McCorkle and Padillo to their hit list. Learn More
Why Me?

Donald E. Westlake; read by Brian Holsopple

Having unsuspectingly lifted the hottest gem in town, John Dortmunder becomes the prey of the FBI, the New York City police, terrorist groups from three nations, and all of New York’s petty and not-so-petty crooks. Learn More
The Porkchoppers

Ross Thomas; read by Brian Holsopple

Between the cutthroat worlds of organized crime and Washington power brokers, two hard-nosed bosses scrap for control of America’s largest union. Learn More
Good Behavior

Donald E. Westlake; read by Brian Holsopple

John Dortmunder’s one of the slyest burglars going. But while fleeing the police during his latest caper, he falls through the roof of the Silent Sisterhood of St. Filumena—and into the lap of trouble. Learn More
Death Sentence

Brian Garfield; read by Brian Holsopple

In this sequel to Death Wish, Paul Benjamin continues his vigilante killing spree—but at what cost? Learn More
The Art of Procrastination

John Perry; read by Brian Holsopple

For anybody who procrastinates or knows a procrastinator: an irresistible gift for the legions of people who believe in never doing today what you can do tomorrow—or maybe the day after that. Learn More
Poor Economics

Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo; read by Brian Holsopple

Financial Times’ Best Business Book of the Year
Library Journal Best of Year Selection

Two highly regarded economists relay 15 years of research into a smart, engaging investigation of the real nature of global poverty and why current approaches to addressing miss the mark. Learn More
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