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Cold Peace

Nonfiction: History
Unabridged   9.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 04/25/2023

Cold Peace

Avoiding the New Cold War

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Digital Download ISBN:9781696611237


An urgent examination of the world barreling toward a new Cold War.

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Product Description

An urgent examination of the world barreling toward a new Cold War.

With a historian's eye and a theorist's ingenuity, Michael Doyle, whose writings on liberal peace have revolutionized modern statesmanship, cogently assesses the tectonic shifts threatening a global order that has held for more than seventy years. As tensions among China, Russia, and the US escalate perilously toward a new Cold War, Doyle introduces a radical paradigm that will facilitate the international cooperation necessary to avert the global threats of our time.

Combining dramatic history with trenchant analysis and landmark theory, Doyle explores the impacts of cyberwarfare, foreign election meddling, and the unprecedented schism of modern politics on American foreign policy. He demonstrates that there can be no success in addressing climate change without China's cooperation, nor any hope of averting nuclear catastrophe without Russia's.

In the tradition of Gaddis's The Cold War and Clark's The Sleepwalkers, Cold Peace provides one of the most necessary analyses of global power in decades.

Author Bio

Michael Doyle is a University Professor of Columbia University appointed in the School of International and Public Affairs, the Law School, and the Political Science Department. He is the author of Ways of War and Peace.