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Dark Constellations

Fiction: Historical Fiction
Unabridged   9 hour(s)
Publication date: 04/16/2019

Dark Constellations

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684418558
Digital Download ISBN:9781684418565


Argentinian literary star Pola Oloixarac's wildly ambitious second novel investigates humanity's quest for knowledge and control, hurtling from the nineteenth-century mania for scientific classification to present-day mass surveillance and the next steps in human evolution.

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Product Description

Canary Islands, 1882: Caught in the nineteenth-century wave of scientific classification, explorer and plant biologist Niklas Bruunis researches Crissia pallida, a species alleged to have hallucinogenic qualities capable of eliminating the psychic limits between one human mind and another.

Buenos Aires, 1983: Born to a white Argentinian anthropologist and a black Brazilian engineer, Cassio comes of age with the Internet, and demonstrates the skills and personality that will make him one of the first great Argentine hackers.

The southern Argentinian techno-hub of Bariloche, 2024: Piera, on the same research group as Cassio, studies human DNA. When the Estromatoliton project comes to fruition, the Argentine government will be able to track every movement of its citizens without their knowledge or consent, using censors that identify DNA at a distance.

In a dazzling novel of towering ambition, Oloixarac proves that true power resides in the world's most deeply shadowed interstices, as beautiful and horrifying as dark constellations themselves.


“This genre-defying novel blends science fiction with cyberpunk with naturalism to end up with something utterly original . . . Oloixarac is a massive, mysterious talent.” —Kirkus Starred Review

“Eyre adroitly adopts identities, whether lasting a few phrases or multiple pages, as she embodies Oloixarac's unpredictable narrative—animating the mundane, unfazed by the bizarre.” —Booklist

“This wild anthropological ride blends political satire, psychedelic sexuality, and cyberpunk themes.” —Publisher's Weekly

Author Bio

Pola Oloixarac's first novel, Savage Theories, was a bestseller throughout South America, and has been translated into seven languages. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Telegraph, Rolling Stone, Revista Clarín, and Etiqueta Negra.