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Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic

Nonfiction: Sports / Biography
Unabridged   11.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 03/07/2017

Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic

Reggie, Rollie, Catfish, and Charlie Finley's Swingin' A's

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Audio CD ISBN:9781681684659
Digital Download ISBN:9781681684666


The story of how the Oakland A's of the 1970s—a revolutionary band of brawling winners led by Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, Vida Blue, Sal Bando, and Rollie Fingers—won three straight championships and knocked baseball into the modern age.

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Product Description

The Oakland A's of the early 1970s were the most transformative team in baseball history. Never before had an entire organization so collectively traumatized baseball's establishment with its outlandish behavior and business decisions—or with its indisputable winning record: five straight division titles and three straight championships. The high drama that played out on the field was exceeded only by the drama in the clubhouse and front office. But those A's, with their garish uniforms and outlandish facial hair, redefined virtually every aspect of the game for coming generations.

Under the visionary leadership of Charles O. Finley, the team assembled such luminary figures as Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, Rollie Fingers, and Vida Blue. Finley acted as his own general manager, and, with an insatiable need for control, dictated everything from the playlist of the ballpark organist to the menu for the media lounge. The advent of free agency spelled the end of Finley's reign; within two years, his dynasty was lost.

A sprawling, brawling history of one of the game's most unforgettable teams, Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic is a paean to a turbulent yet magical time.


"The book is filled with details that baseball fans devour, and [Turbow] reads at a brisk pace. . . . The result is an enjoyable behind-the-scenes look at some classic games and stars." —Booklist Audio Review

"Turbow captures that glorious time period, brilliantly weaving fascinating tales of the team's colorful cast of characters while offering a behind-the-scenes look at a great time in sports history . . . Turbow vividly captures the ups and downs of his team through interviews with former players." —Library Journal Starred Review

"Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic masterfully recounts a thrilling period in Oakland A’s history. Jason’s storytelling vividly captures the cast of characters that made up the Athletics of the 70’s, starting with their ringleader, Charlie Finley." –Billy Beane, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, Oakland A’s

"Offers a chance to relive a period of outlandish moments in America's pastime." —Publishers Weekly

"Just enough tidbits . . . to give the book some pop. Entertaining reading for fans whose interest in baseball history extends back 40 years." —Booklist

Author Bio

Jason Turbow is the bestselling author of Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic: Reggie, Rollie, Catfish, and Charlie Finley's Swingin' A's and The Baseball Codes: Beanballs, Sign Stealing, & Bench-Clearing Brawls. He has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and SportsIllustrated.com.