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Enjoy Our Universe

Nonfiction: Science
Unabridged   4.25 hour(s)
Publication date: 11/13/2018

Enjoy Our Universe

You Have No Other Choice

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684415304
Digital Download ISBN:9781684415311


Enjoy Our Universe is a guide for an enjoyable visit to the Universe.

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Product Description

Enjoy Our Universe is a guide for an enjoyable visit to the Universe. The "Universe" refers to all "observable things," ranging in size from the entire cosmos to elementary particles. This small tome on fundamental physics, cosmology, Higgs bosons, time travel and all that, is unlike any other analogous book. Its scientific statements are correct or, at least, they coincide with the opinions held by the vast majority of experts. It establishes clear distinctions between things we know for sure—in the sense of having strong observational support for them—and things that we know that we do not know, or we do not understand. In this sense, it is scientifically honest.

In descriptions of our Universe and of the way it functions, beauty is a recurring word. This book's idiosyncracies remind us of our own smallness and eccentricities even as we read about the logic, function and magnificence of the Universe.

Author Bio

Alvaro De Rujula was born in Madrid, where he studied physics and obtained his PhD. He has worked in Italy, France, the USA, and CERN. He also is currently at the Instituto de Fisica Teorica of the Autonomous University of Madrid. In the 1970's he contributed to the consolidation of the Standard Model of Particle Physics.