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The Experience Economy

Abridged   3 hour(s)
Publication date: 01/11/1999

The Experience Economy

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Beyond the service economy of the last century is quietly emerging the next age of commerce, the experience economy. Joseph Pine and James Gilmore present a thought-provoking discussion and glimpse into the next evolution in the marketplace.

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Product Description

Sophisticated technology and advanced communications have blurred the line between entertainment and reality, causing consumers to raise their expectations. Farsighted businesses recognize this shift and understand that what consumers want now is a rich, memorable experience as well as hard goods and services.

Mixing theatrical methodology with business acumen, the authors suggest that the best experiences are based on compelling and well-orchestrated themes. From Disney's careful scripting to Cabela's giant indoor mountain set, from the Hard Rock Cafe’s props to Starbucks’ inviting living rooms—indeed, the transformation to a new kind of economy is already occurring. Clairvoyant and original, The Experience Economy is a blueprint for the business world of tomorrow and a must-have for anyone who wants to compete in the new millennium.

Author Bio

B. JOSEPH PINE II and JAMES H. GILMORE are co-founders of Strategic Horizons LLP, an organization dedicated to helping executives see the world differently. PINE is also the author of Mass Customization.