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Eye of the Beholder

Nonfiction: Biography
Unabridged   13.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 03/16/2015

AudioFile Earphone Award Winner

Eye of the Beholder

Johannes Vermeer, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, and the Reinvention of Seeing

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Audio CD ISBN:9781622316564
Digital Download ISBN:9781622316571


The remarkable story of how an artist and a scientist in seventeenth-century Holland transformed the way we see the world.

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Product Description

?See for yourself!? was the clarion call of the 1600s. Natural philosophers threw off the yoke of ancient authority, peered at nature with microscopes and telescopes, and ignited the Scientific Revolution. Artists investigated nature with lenses and created paintings filled with realistic effects of light and shadow. The hub of this optical innovation was the small Dutch city of Delft. Here Johannes Vermeer?s experiments with lenses and a camera obscura taught him how we see under different conditions of light and helped him create the most luminous works of art ever beheld. Meanwhile, his neighbor Antoni van Leeuwenhoek?s work with microscopes revealed a previously unimagined realm of minuscule creatures. The result was a transformation in both art and science that revolutionized how we see the world today.


"Narrator Tamara Marston clearly understands the important points of the text and with impeccable pacing and her lovely and accessible voice proves an able and engaging guide through the detailed scientific and artistic narrative." —AudioFile

Author Bio

Fulbright scholar Laura J. Snyder is a professor at St. John?s University and the author of The Philosophical Breakfast Club, a Scientific American Notable Book. She writes for the Wall Street Journal and lives in New York City.