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Fire in the Ocean

Fiction: Sci-Fi; Fantasy
Unabridged   8.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 02/27/2018

Fire in the Ocean

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684411368
Digital Download ISBN:9781684411375


On a whale watching excursion, Sierra, Chaco, and Fred are swept overboard by an undersea force more powerful than they ever imagined. There are dark forces at work, and with Chaco no longer connected to his land, Sierra will have to think fast if they're ever going to survive.

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Product Description

After saving the world once, Sierra's earned a vacation. She's thinking Hawaii. Sun, surf, a little bit of work (hey, it's still Sierra we're talking about), and sand are all she wants. So when an emergency calls her boyfriend away, she's not devastated. She can live with taking Chaco, Coyotl the Trickster, and surprisingly good friend when he's not wrapped up in his own schemes, instead. But when Chaco starts to look a little more than nauseous on the plane, their trip takes an ominous turn. Chaco's not just sick, he's mortal.

With a moody Chaco and the loveable but chaotic Fred, a mannegishi that can disappear at will, stowing away for the journey, Sierra's trying to make the best of a messy situation. The sun, surf, and sand are still there, and Hawaii is more breathtaking than she ever imagined.


Author Bio

K.D. Keenan worked in the high technology industries for 30-plus years as a content creator and public relations expert. Today, she focuses on her fiction writing, her grandchildren, and a long list of things she’d like to do if there were more hours in the day.