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Frontier Rebels

Nonfiction: Biography, History
Unabridged   6.75 hour(s)
Publication date: 11/20/2018

Frontier Rebels

The Fight for Independence in the American West, 1765-1776

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684412969
Digital Download ISBN:9781684412976


Frontier Rebels is the untold story of the "Black Boys," a rebellion on the American frontier in 1765 that sparked the American Revolution.

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Product Description

In Frontier Rebels, historian Patrick Spero tells the story of the Black Boys, a band of rebels whose protests ignited the American Revolution. In 1765, as the Stamp Act riled eastern seaports, frontiersmen clashed with the British Empire over another issue: Indian relations. When British officials launched a risky diplomatic expedition into the American interior to open trade with the Indian warrior Pontiac, the Black Boys formed to stop it. Distrustful of Native neighbors and suspicious of imperial aims, the Black Boys led an uprising that threatened the future of Britain's empire. Clashing with unscrupulous traders, daring diplomats, Native warriors, and imperious British officials, the Black Boys evolved into an organized political movement that resisted the Crown years before the Declaration of Independence. A fast-paced read examining an overlooked conflict, Frontier Rebels brings to life a forgotten cast of characters and sheds new light on the origins of American Independence.


“Spero presents convincing support for his thesis that hatred of Indians and desire for their lands played a pivotal role in fomenting the revolution…[Spero delves] deeply into previously underutilized sources…Spero’s thoughtful work is an important contribution to ongoing reassessments of the nature and meaning of the American founding.” —Publishers' Weekly Starred Review

“In lively and compelling prose, Patrick Spero tells the little-known story of a group of vigilantes who helped to change the course of American history.”—Michael A. McDonnell, author of The Politics of War

“Based on wide reading and archival research, and written in an engaging style, Frontier Rebels provides important and unsettling answers to the questions about the Revolution’s origins that it raises.”—Brendan McConville, author of The King’s Three Faces

Author Bio

Patrick Spero is the librarian of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, the oldest learned society in the United States, and the author of Frontier Country: The Politics of War in Early Pennsylvania. He previously taught history at Williams College.