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Going Big

Nonfiction: Politics
Unabridged   8 hour(s)
Publication date: 04/26/2022

Going Big

FDR’s Legacy and Biden’s New Deal

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Digital Download ISBN:9781696607643


With history and the extraordinary parallels between Biden and FDR as his guide, the veteran political analyst diagnoses what's at stake for America in 2022 and beyond.

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Product Description

Joe Biden has found his way back to Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. After four decades of diminishing prospects for ordinary people, the public likes what Biden is offering. Yet American democracy is in dire peril as Republicans, increasingly the national minority, try to destroy democracy in order to cling to power. It is the best of times and the worst of times. In Going Big, bestselling author and political journalist Robert Kuttner assesses the promise and peril of this critical juncture.

Biden, like FDR in his time, faces multiple challenges. Roosevelt had to make terrible compromises with racist legislators to win enactment of his program. Biden, to achieve the necessary governing coalition, needs to achieve durable multiracial coalitions. Roosevelt had to conquer fascism in Europe; Biden must defeat it at home. And after four decades of neoliberal policy disasters reflecting Wall Street's political influence, Biden needs to go beyond what even FDR achieved, to restore a democratic economy of broad possibility.

From a writer with an unparalleled understanding of the history and politics that have made this moment possible, this book is the essential guide to what is at stake for Joe Biden, for America, and for our democracy.


“A cogent reminder of the importance of federal policy, presidential leadership, and the elusiveness of economic justice.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Kuttner makes a convincing case that bold policies are needed to address the country’s ills.”—Publishers Weekly

Author Bio

Robert Kuttner is cofounder and coeditor of The American Prospect and the Economic Policy Institute and former columnist for both Business Week and the Boston Globe. The author of Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism? and Going Big, he holds the Ida and Meyer Kirstein Chair at Brandeis University and lives in Boston.