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Happily Jewish

Nonfiction: Religion
Unabridged   6.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 12/26/2023

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Happily Jewish

Finding Actionable Spirituality In Judaism (Of All Places!)

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Digital Download ISBN:9781696612234


For most Jews, Judaism has been a closed book . . . until now. New York Times bestselling author Michael Levin blows the dust off twenty key Jewish texts from the time of the Torah to the twenty-first century to show the brilliance, usefulness, sensitivity, and wisdom locked away in Jewish thought.

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Product Description

Happily Jewish blows the dust off texts formerly inaccessible to anyone but Orthodox Jews and offers a wealth of guidance about how to live a more meaningful, spiritual, and connected life.

Judaism isn't just a set of religious laws and principles. It's a way of thinking about the meaning of life. You'll find men and women sharing the wisdom of the ages, and often their ideas were extremely controversial at the time they first wrote them. Some were so controversial that their authors were exiled or even excommunicated. Now, they're all here in one fun and accessible volume that will give you a new outlook on life—a new level of happiness and joy.

This book contains twenty sets of explosive, life-changing ideas and philosophies about how to maximize your happiness, joy, and how you find meaning in life. If you're Jewish, these ideas (traditionally known only to those in the Orthodox world) are your heritage. They already belong to you. It's time to "take delivery" of what's already yours and learn the secrets of Jewish wisdom, character, and yes, survival. These concepts go back to the very creation of the Torah and relate to everything from being the best possible person we can be to understanding Jewish concepts of sex and intimacy. It's all here—waiting to be unpacked and put to use—in author Michael Levin's Happily Jewish.

Author Bio

New York Times bestselling author Michael Levin is one of America's most prolific ghostwriters and journalists.