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Fiction: General
Unabridged   9 hour(s)
Publication date: 01/16/2024

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Digital Download ISBN:9781696613804


A private security agent finds that being branded as the City of Angels' latest hero could also make her its next victim . . .

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Product Description

Justine Poole takes her job seriously providing security for wealthy and high-profile Hollywood stars. When she prevents a brazen robbery at the Beverly Hills home of two of her clients—killing two of the five armed robbers in the process—she is initially lauded in the media as a local hero. But the spotlight soon puts her in the crosshairs of the crime kingpin behind the burglaries.

Unable to stand the embarrassment of his lackeys having been defeated by a lone woman, Mr. Conger puts in a call to the one man who can make his problems disappear. Known for his swiftness and subtlety, Leo Sealy will kill anyone for a price. All he needs is a name and a face, any starting point to pick up his victim's trail. Luckily for him, the local news is as eager as he is for any information about the heroic bodyguard—and quick to broadcast their findings, regardless of what it might mean for her safety. But Sealy isn't prepared for just how quick and resourceful Justine can be. So begins a cat and mouse game between two people who know more about how to take down one's enemies than anyone else in the business.

Justine finds herself up against both a hardened killer and a fickle media landscape that can just as soon turn on her as celebrate her in this high-stakes thriller from the author of The Old Man.


"Delaine effectively differentiates the personalities, male and female, good and evil, and convincingly provides the voice for Justine's foreign-born grandmother, who is embedded in Justine's consciousness." —AudioFile

Author Bio

Thomas Perry is the bestselling author of more than twenty novels, including the critically acclaimed Jane Whitefield series, The Old Man, and The Butcher's Boy, which won the Edgar Award. He lives in Southern California.