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Experience our world: as it was, as it is, as it might become with these audiobooks about history, the arts, culture, education, and politics. Don't miss Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel, or Fresh Air with Terry Gross: Writers, or Gwen Ifill's The Breakthrough.

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The Apocalypse Factory

by Steve Olson; read by Jonathan Yen

A thrilling narrative of scientific triumph, decades of secrecy, and the unimaginable destruction wrought by the creation of the atomic bomb. Learn More
Apocalypse Television

by David Craig; foreword by Robert Iger; read by Kim Niemi

NEW! Now Available

A dramatic insider's account of the making of and backlash against the 1983 made-for-TV movie The Day After. Learn More
Apology to the Young Addict

by James Brown; read by Charles Constant

Haunting and hopeful, Apology to the Young Addict is a reinvention of the recovery memoir and a lasting testimony from a master writing at his peak. Learn More
The Arc of a Covenant

by Walter Russell Mead; read by Josh Bloomberg

From the acclaimed author of God and Gold and Special Providence, a groundbreaking new work that overturns the conventional understanding of the Israeli-American relationship. Learn More
Architects of Self-Destruction

by John Gentile and Brad Logan; read by Brad Logan

Architects of Self-Destruction: An Oral History of Leftöver Crack traces the band's entire history by speaking to the band members themselves, fellow musicians, their fans, and of course, those that still hold a grudge against the LoC. Learn More
Are We Bodies or Souls?

by Richard Swinburne

Many think that we are just complicated machines, or animals that are different from machines only by being conscious. In Are We Bodies or Souls? Richard Swinburne comes to the defense of the soul and presents new philosophical arguments that are supported by modern neuroscience. Learn More
Are We There Yet?

by Dan Albert; read by Michael Butler Murray

In Are We There Yet?, Dan Albert combines historical scholarship with personal narrative to explore how car culture has suffused America’s DNA. Learn More
Around the World in (More Than) 80 Days

by Larry Alex Taunton; read by John Pruden

The author of The Grace Effect presents his latest book. Learn More

by Randi Hutter Epstein, MD; read by Donna Postel

Aroused is a guided tour through the strange science of hormones and the age-old quest to control them. Learn More

by Chip Jacobs; read by Joel Richards

Set against two distinct epochs in the history of Pasadena, California, Arroyo tells the parallel stories of a young man and his dog in 1913 and 1993. Learn More
The Art of Creative Writing

by Lajos Egra; read by Dennis Kleinman

Thousands of books have been written on the subject of writing and how to do it better. Among them are a few select classics that reveal the essential elements of good storytelling. The Art of Creative Writing is such a classic. Learn More

Ali Smith; read by the author

The brilliantly inventive novelist Ali Smith melds fiction and essay into a magical hybrid form, a song of praise to the power of story in our lives. Learn More
Asperger's Children

by Edith Sheffer; read by Christa Lewis

Asperger's Children is a groundbreaking exploration of the chilling history behind an increasingly common diagnosis. Learn More
Assembling Life

by David Deamer; read by Stephen R. Thorne

In Assembling Life, David Deamer addresses questions that are the cutting edge of research on the origin of life. For instance, how did non-living organic compounds assemble into the first forms of primitive cellular life? What was the source of those compounds and the energy that produced the first nucleic acids? Did life begin in the ocean or in fresh water on terrestrial land masses? Learn More
At the Center of All Beauty

by Fenton Johnson; read by Sean Runnette

From Fenton Johnson, a profound meditation on accepting and celebrating one's solitude. Learn More
At the Frontier of God's Empire

by Ji Li; read by Kathleen Li

At the Frontier of God's Empire: A Missionary Odyssey in Modern China tells the remarkable story of Alfred Marie Caubrière (1876–1948). Learn More
At What Cost

by Nicholas Freudenberg; read by Stephen Bel Davies

An incisive and powerful investigation of corporate impact on human and planetary well-being. Learn More
Attack Poodles and Other Media Mutants

James Wolcott; read by Dennis Boutsikaris

Attack Poodles and Other Media Mutants is a hilarious and scathing critique of the so-called news establishment. Wolcott’s book pokes, prods, and stirs up controversy. It also makes some serious points about the lamentable state of our news, and our nation. Learn More
The Auctioneer

Simon de Pury; read by Ralph Lister

2016 Voice Arts Award Nominee

In this eye-opening memoir, Simon de Pury, a distinguished auctioneer and art dealer, provides a lively account of his flashy career and today's soaring art market - revealing a jet-setting, powerful, and private club of elites who buy, sell, and collect the world’s most expensive art. Learn More
Audience of One

by James Poniewozik; read by Matthew Josdal

Earphones Award Winner
Publishers Weekly Best of 2019

An incisive cultural history that captures a fractious nation through the prism of television and the rattled mind of a celebrity president. Learn More
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