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Building America

by Jean H. Baker; read by Laural Merlington

Building America masterfully narrates the life and legacy of a key figure in creating an American aesthetic in the new United States. Learn More
The Button

by Tom Z. Collina & William J. Perry; read by John Pruden

From authors William J. Perry and Tom Z. Collina, The Button recounts the terrifying history of nuclear launch authority, from the faulty forty-six-cent microchip that nearly caused World War III to president Trump's tweet about his "much bigger & more powerful" button. Learn More
By Hands Now Known

by Margaret A. Burnham; read by Diana Blue

A paradigm-shifting investigation of Jim Crow–era violence, the legal apparatus that sustained it, and its enduring legacy, from a renowned legal scholar. Learn More
Calculating Race

by Benjamin Wiggins; read by Eric Jason Martin

Offering listeners a new perspective on the historical importance of actuarial science in structural racism, Calculating Race is a particularly timely contribution as Big Data and algorithmic decision making increasingly pervade our lives. Learn More
California Exposures

by Jesse Amble White; read by Charles Constant

A brilliant California history, from an award-winning historian and a documentary photographer. Learn More
Campaigning in a Racially Diversifying America

by Loren Collingwood; read by Christopher Grove

In Campaigning in a Racially Diversifying America, Loren Collingwood develops a theory of Cross-Racial Electoral Mobilization (CRM) to explain why, when, and how candidates of one race or ethnicity act to mobilize voters of another race or ethnicity. Learn More
The Catholic Case for Trump

by Austin Ruse; read by John Pruden

This book examines more than a dozen issues and makes the case that a Faithful Catholic can find not just a reason, but a Catholic reason, to vote for Trump. This is a must-listen book for all Catholic voters. Learn More
Charlie Brown's America

by Blake Scott Ball; read by Johnny Heller

Despite—or because of—its huge popular culture status, Peanuts enabled cartoonist Charles Schulz to offer political commentary on the most controversial topics of postwar American culture through the voices of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang. Learn More
The Chinese Question

by Mae M. Ngai; read by Cindy Kay

How Chinese migration to the world's goldfields upended global power and economics and forged modern conceptions of race. Learn More
Churchill's American Arsenal

by Larrie D. Ferreiro; read by Keith Sellon-Wright

Churchill's American Arsenal reveals how the technology, know-how, and production power behind the victorious Allied partnership during World War II extended beyond the battlefront and onto the home-front. Learn More
Churchill's Shadow

by Geoffrey Wheatcroft; read by Jonathan Keeble

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

A major reassessment of Winston Churchill that examines his lasting influence in politics and culture. Learn More
Collateral Damage

by Mark Shaw, read by Phil Thron

In a breakthrough book that is sure to be relevant for years to come, bestselling author (The Reporter Who Knew Too Much) and distinguished historian Mark Shaw investigates the connection between the mysterious deaths of motion picture screen siren Marilyn Monroe, President John F. Kennedy, and What's My Line? TV star and crack investigative reporter Dorothy Kilgallen. Learn More
The Comey Gang

by John Ligato; read by Mike Chamberlain

An FBI insider explains how a group of high-level bureaucrats attempted to alter history and unseat a sitting president. Learn More
The Coming of Democracy

by Mark R Cheathem; read by Chris Andrew Ciulla

Drawing on period newspapers, diaries, memoirs, and public and private correspondence, The Coming of Democracy is the first book-length treatment to reveal how presidents and presidential candidates used both old and new forms of cultural politics to woo voters and win elections in the Jacksonian era.
Learn More
The Commanders

by Lloyd Clark; read by Julian Elfer

From an acclaimed military historian, the interlocking lives of three of the most important and consequential generals in World War II. Learn More
Confronting Saddam Hussein

by Melvyn P. Leffler; read by Christopher P. Brown

A vivid portrayal of what drove George W. Bush to invade Iraq in 2003—an outcome that was in no way predetermined. Learn More
Coup d'Etat

by Jerome R. Corsi; read by Jerome R. Corsi

Coup d'Etat blows the lid off the Deep State's efforts to prevent the Trump presidency, disrupt his agenda, and prevent his reelection. Learn More
Courting Mr. Lincoln

by Louis Bayard; read by Tavia Gilbert & Robert Fass

AudioFile Earphones Winner
A Washington Post Bestseller
A Indie Next Pick
An Apple Books Best of the Month for April
A People Magazine Best Book of the Week

Louis Bayard, a master storyteller at the height of his powers, delivers a must-listen tale of love, longing, and forbidden possibilities. Learn More
Cowboys Over Iraq

by Jimmy Blackmon; foreword by General David H. Petraeus, US Army (Ret.); read by Shawn Compton

Cowboys Over Iraq tells the amazing story of leadership, innovation, initiative, and a brotherhood that was forged in the crucible of combat during the invasion of Iraq. Learn More

by Samuel L. Popkin; read by John Pruden

A consistently surprising analysis of how and why the Republican Party imploded in the last decade, setting the stage for the rise of Trump and extremist candidates more generally. Learn More
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