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Yale Needs Women

by Anne Gardiner Perkins; read by Erin Bennett

Anne Gardiner Perkins's unflinching account of a group of young women striving for change is an inspiring story of strength, resilience, and courage that continues to resonate today. Learn More
A Worse Place than Hell

by John Matteson; read by David Colacci

Pulitzer Prize–winning author John Matteson illuminates three harrowing months of the Civil War and their enduring legacy for America. Learn More
World War II: Desert War

by Stephen W. Sears; read by Paul Boehmer

Here, from award-winning military historian Stephen W. Sears, is the dramatic story of the generals, politicians, and soldiers who changed the course of the war. Learn More
World War II: Carrier War

by Stephen W. Sears; read by Paul Boehmer

The Enterprise was just one of the carriers that won the war in the Pacific. Here is the extraordinary story of the men and ships that turned the tide of the war. Learn More
World War II: Air War

by Stephen W. Sears; read by Paul Boehmer

Here, from the acclaimed historian Stephen W. Sears, is the story of Europe's air war. Learn More
Words No Bars Can Hold

by Deborah Appleman; foreword by Jimmy Santiago Baca; read by Virginia Wolf

Words No Bars Can Hold provides a rare glimpse into literacy learning under the most dehumanizing conditions. Deborah Appleman chronicles her work teaching college- level classes at a high- security prison for men, most of whom are serving life sentences. Learn More

by Dale Bell; read by Peter Berkrot & Xe Sands

Featuring a foreword from legendary director Martin Scorcese, Woodstock: Interviews and Recollections combines stories, anecdotes, and perspectives from dozens of musicians and filmmakers about the making of the Academy Award–winning documentary Woodstock. Learn More
The Women’s Suffrage Movement

edited by Sally Roesch Wagner; Introduction by Sally Wagner; Foreword by Gloria Steinem; read by Bahni Turpin

An intersectional anthology of works by the known and unknown women that shaped and established the suffrage movement, in time for the 2020 centennial of women's right to vote, with a foreword by Gloria Steinem. Learn More
Women in Sports

by Rachel Ignotofsky; read by Sarah Mollo-Christensen

Women in Sports highlights the achievements and stories of fifty notable women athletes from the 1800s to today, including trailblazers, Olympians, and record-breakers in more than forty sports. Learn More
Women in Science

by Rachel Ignotofsky; read by Sarah Mollo-Christensen

A New York Times Best Seller

The New York Times bestseller Women in Science highlights the contributions of fifty notable women to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) from the ancient to the modern world. Learn More
The Wish Child

by Catherine Chidgey; read by Simon Vance

Winner of the Acorn Foundation Fiction Prize

This internationally bestselling historical novel follows two children and a mysterious narrator as they navigate the falsehoods and wreckage of World War II Germany. Learn More
Wild Girls

by Tiya Miles; read by Janina Edwards

An award-winning historian shows how girls who found self-understanding in the natural world became women who changed America. Learn More
Why The New Deal Matters

by Eric Rauchway; read by Peter Lerman

This book looks at how the legacy of the New Deal, both for good and ill, informs the current debates around governmental responses to crises. Learn More
Why Liberalism Works

by Deirdre Nansen McCloskey; read by Janet Metzger

From Deirdre Nansen McCloskey, an insightful and passionately written book explaining why a return to Enlightenment ideals is good for the world. Learn More
Why Baby Boomers Turned from Religion

by Abby Day; read by Jennifer M. Dixon


Parents of the 1940s and 1950s raised their Baby Boomer children to be respectable church-attendees, and yet in some ways demonstrated an ambivalence that permitted their children to spurn religion and eventually to raise their own children to be the least religious generation ever. This study is the first to offer a sociological account of the sudden transition from religious parents to non-religious children and grandchildren, focusing exclusively on ex–Anglican Boomers. Learn More
White House Warriors

by John Gans; read by David Marantz

This revelatory history of the elusive National Security Council shows how staffers operating in the shadows have driven foreign policy clandestinely for decades. Learn More
Where Great Powers Meet

by David Shambaugh; read by Eric Jason Martin

The United States and China are engaged in a broad-gauged and global competition for power. While this competition ranges across the entire world, it is centered in Asia. In this book, David Shambaugh focuses on the critical sub-region of Southeast Asia. Learn More
When Should Law Forgive?

by Martha Minow; read by Janet Metzger

Martha Minow explores the complicated intersection of the law, justice, and forgiveness, asking whether the law should encourage people to forgive, and when courts, public officials, and specific laws should forgive. Learn More
The Western Front

by Nick Lloyd; read by Mark Elstob

A panoramic history of the savage combat on the Western Front between 1914 and 1918 that came to define modern warfare. Learn More
Well of Souls

by Kristina R. Gaddy; foreword by Rhiannon Giddens; read by Chanté McCormick

An illuminating history of the banjo, revealing its origins at the crossroads of slavery, religion, and music. Learn More
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