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The Vikings

by Frank R. Donovan; read by Chris Sorensen

Author and historian Frank R. Donovan presents the history of the Vikings. Learn More
Victory Is Assured

by Stanley Crouch; introduction by Jelani Cobb; afterword by Wynton Marsalis; edited by Glenn Mott

F O R T H C O M I N G ! Available November

The grievous loss of Stanley Crouch, one of America's most renowned intellectuals, is underscored by the posthumous appearance of these remarkable essays. Learn More
The Upstander

by Jori Epstein; foreword by Michael Berenbaum; read by Jori Epstein

NEW! Now Available

Infused with raw emotion and vivid detail, this memoir relays holocaust survivor Max Glauben's powerful lifetime commitment to actively thwarting hate and galvanizing resilience. Max insists you, too, can transform your adversity into your greatest strength. Learn More
Up to Heaven and Down to Hell

A riveting portrait of a rural Pennsylvania town at the center of the fracking controversy. Learn More
Unworthy Republic

by Claudio Saunt; read by Stephen Bowlby

National Book Award Longlist 2020
Washington POst 10 Best Books of the Year 2020

A masterful and unsettling history of “Indian Removal,” the forced migration of Native Americans across the Mississippi River in the 1830s and the state-sponsored theft of their lands.
Learn More
Until Justice Be Done

by Kate Masur; read by Allyson Johnson

2022 Pulitzer Prize Finalist in History

A groundbreaking history of the movement for equal rights that courageously battled racist laws and institutions, north and south, in the decades before the Civil War. Learn More
Unmasking Obama

by Jack Cashill; read by John McLain

In Unmasking Obama, Jack Cashill contends that while the major media were spinning their collective fairy tale about the Obama presidency, the alternative conservative media—America's "samizdat"—were telling the truth. Learn More

by Gilda R. Daniels; read by Gilda R. Daniels

Uncounted examines the phenomenon of disenfranchisement through the lens of history, race, law, and the democratic process. Learn More
Uncivil Warriors

by Peter Charles Hoffer; read by Joe Barrett

Comprehensive in coverage, Uncivil Warriors' focus on the central of lawyers and the law in America's worst conflict will transform how we think about the Civil War itself. Learn More
The U.S. Constitution

by David J. Bodenhamer; read by Walter Dixon

Today we face serious challenges to the nation's constitutional legacy. Endless wars, a sharply divided electorate, economic inequality, and immigration, along with a host of other issues, have placed demands on government and on society that test our constitutional values. Understanding how the Constitution has evolved will help us adapt its principles to the challenges of our age. Learn More
Two Trees Make a Forest

by Jessica J. Lee; read by Nancy Wu

One of The Guardian's Best Books of the Year

An exhilarating, anti-colonial reclamation of nature writing and memoir, rooted in the forests and flatlands of Taiwan, perfect for fans of Margaret Renkl's Late Migrations and William Finnegan's Barbarian Days. Learn More
The Tutor

Andrea Chapin; read by Elizabeth Knowelden

A bold and captivating novel about love, passion, and ambition that imagines the muse of William Shakespeare and the tumultuous year they spend together. Learn More
Turning the Tide

Ed Offley; read by James Adams

A rousing military history of the winning of the second Battle of the Atlantic in World War II, when German U-Boats terrorized American coastal waters from Newfoundland to the Caribbean, nearly severing the lifeline between the US and Britain and costing the Allies the war in Europe. Learn More
Try Common Sense

by Philip K. Howard; read by Mike Chamberlain

Award-winning author Philip K. Howard lays out the blueprint for a new American society. Learn More
Trumping Obama

by Matt Margolis; read by John McLain

Within the blink of an eye, nearly the entire Obama legacy has been undone before the end of Donald Trump's first term in office. This remarkable book details the scope of the Trump upheaval, exploring the destructive path Obama set the nation toward, how Trump has begun to right the ship . . . and how much more still needs to be done. Learn More
Trump and Churchill

by Nick Adams; foreword by Newt Gingrich; read by Liam Gerrard

In his new book, complete with never-before-told anecdotes, bestselling author Nick Adams explores how Donald Trump and Winston Churchill both turned their day's prevailing politics on its head. Learn More
The Triumph of Injustice

by Gabriel Zucman & Emmanuel Saez; read by Steve Menasche

Even as they became fabulously wealthy, the ultra-rich have seen their taxes collapse to levels last seen in the 1920s. Meanwhile, working-class Americans have been asked to pay more. The Triumph of Injustice presents a forensic investigation into this dramatic transformation, written by two economists who revolutionized the study of inequality. Learn More
The Transpacific Experiment

by Matt Sheehan; read by PJ Ochlan

In The Transpacific Experiment, journalist Matt Sheehan lays bare the new reality of twenty-first-century superpowers: the closer they get to one another, the more personal their frictions become. Learn More
The Traitor

by V.S. Alexander; read by Christa Lewis

Drawing on the true story of the White Rose—the resistance movement of young Germans against the Nazi regime—The Traitor tells of one woman who offers her life in the ultimate battle against tyranny, during one of history's darkest hours. Learn More
Tom Paine's Iron Bridge

Edward G. Gray; read by Tom Perkins

The little-known story of the architectural project that lay at the heart of Tom Paine’s political blueprint for the United States. Learn More
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