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To the Promised Land

by Michael K. Honey; read by J.D. Jackson

To the Promised Land asks us to think about what it would mean to truly fulfill Martin Luther King's legacy and move toward what he called "the Promised Land" in our own time. Learn More
To Serve the Enemy

by Shane Darcy; read by Roger Clark

In this book, Shane Darcy examines the development and application of the relevant rules and principles of the laws of armed conflict in relation to collaboration. Learn More

by Robert W. Fieseler; read by Paul Heitsch

2019 Edgar Award Winner
Library Journal Best Book 2018
Shelf Awareness Best Books of the Year

An essential work of American civil rights history, Tinderbox mesmerizingly reconstructs the 1973 fire that devastated New Orleans' subterranean gay community. Learn More
Three Ordinary Girls

by Tim Brady; read by David de Vries

Three Ordinary Girls is an astonishing World War II story of a trio of fearless female resisters whose youth and innocence belied their extraordinary daring in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands. Learn More
A Thousand May Fall

by Brian Jordan; read by Christopher Douyard

From a Pulitzer Prize finalist, a pathbreaking history of the Civil War centered on a regiment of immigrants and their brutal experience of the conflict. Learn More
Thomas Jefferson

by Henry Moscow; read by Pete Simonelli

Here, from award-winning journalist Henry Moscow, is the story of one of America's greatest presidents. Learn More
The Third Revolution

by Elizabeth C. Economy; read by Jo Anna Perrin

In The Third Revolution, eminent China scholar Elizabeth C. Economy provides an incisive look at the transformative changes underway in China today. Learn More
They Will Have to Die Now

by James Verini; read by Ray Porter

They Will Have to Die Now takes the listener into the heart of the conflict against the most lethal insurgency of our time. Learn More
Theodore Roosevelt

by Benjamin J. Wetzel; read by Bob Souer

Theodore Roosevelt: Preaching from the Bully Pulpit traces Roosevelt's personal religious odyssey from youthful faith and pious devotion to a sincere but more detached adult faith. Based in large part on personal correspondence and unpublished archival materials, this book offers a new interpretation of an extremely significant historical figure. Learn More
The JDC at 100

edited by Avinoam Patt, Atina Grossmann, Linda G. Levi, and Maud S. Mandel; read by Elizabeth Wiley

The JDC at 100: A Century of Humanitarianism traces the history of the JDC—an organization founded to aid victims of World War I that has played a significant role in preserving and sustaining Jewish life across the globe. Learn More

by Richard Munson; read by Charles Constant

Though Tesla's inventions transformed our world, his true originality is shown in the visionary ambitions he failed to achieve. Learn More
Tehran Children

by Mikhal Dekel; read by Suzanne Toren

With literary grace, Tehran Children presents a unique narrative of the Holocaust, whose governing symbol is not the concentration camp, but the refugee, and whose center is not Europe, but Central Asia and the Middle East. Learn More
Taxes Have Consequences

by Arthur B. Laffer, PhD, Brian Domitrovic, PhD, and Jeanne Cairns Sinquefield, PhD; read by Rick Adamson

F O R T H C O M I N G ! Available October

The definitive history of the effect of the income tax on the economy. Learn More
A Tangled Web

by Leslie Rule; read by Tanya Eby

Leslie Rule, author of Coast to Coast Ghosts, presents her latest novel. Learn More
Talking Back, Talking Black

by John McWhorter; read by John McWhorter

Talking Back, Talking Black takes us on a fascinating tour of a nuanced and complex language that has moved beyond America's borders to become a dynamic force for today's youth culture around the world. Learn More
Taking Back the Constitution

by Mark Tushnet; read by Peter Lerman

In Taking Back the Constitution, Mark Tushnet offers a passionate and informed argument for replacing judicial supremacy with popular constitutionalism. Learn More
Taking Aim at Attack Advertising

by Kim Fridkin & Patrick Kenney; read by Teri Schnaubelt

Negative campaigning is a central component of politics in the United States. Yet, until now, demonstrating the impact of combative advertising on voters has been elusive. How can we reconcile the findings of a plethora of studies with the methods of politicians? Learn More
Symphony in C

by Robert M. Hazen; read by Paul Brion

An enchanting biography of the most resonant—and most necessary—chemical element on Earth. Learn More
The Sword and the Shield

Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin; read by Charles Stransky

The Sword and the Shield is a compelling—and historically significant—narrative destined to cast new light on the Soviet era. Learn More
Super 8

by Danny Plotnick; read by Eric Jason Martin

Danny Plotnick showcases the history of Super 8 filmmaking in this must-listen book. Super 8 offers a detailed history of the beloved medium—one not only embraced by suburban dads, the target audience of the format, but by the art world, punk rockers, and ultimately popular culture. Learn More
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