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Battling the Gods

Tim Whitmarsh; read by James Langton

For readers of Karen Armstrong, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens: An impassioned and learned account of atheisms origins in antiquity Learn More
Mourning Lincoln

Martha Hodes; read by Donna Postel

The news of Abraham Lincoln's assassination on April 15, 1865, just days after Confederate surrender, astounded the war-weary nation. Massive crowds turned out for services and ceremonies. Countless expressions of grief and dismay were printed in newspapers and preached in sermons. Public responses to the assassination have been well chronicled, but this book is the first to delve into the personal and intimate responses of everyday people—northerners and southerners, soldiers and civilians, black people and white, men and women, rich and poor. Learn More
Let the People Rule

Geoffrey Cowan; read by Joe Barrett

The colorful, dramatic, and surprising story of four crucial months in Teddy Roosevelt's 1912 campaign that fundamentally altered the American political process. Learn More
Dead Presidents

Brady Carlson; read by Tom Zingarelli

An entertaining exploration into the varied ways we remember and memorialize the American presidents. Learn More
In Europe's Shadow

Robert D. Kaplan; read by Paul Boehmer

Robert Kaplan first visited Romania in the 1970s, when he was a young journalist and Romania was a Communist backwater where "history had virtually stopped" since World War II. Learn More
How to Be a Tudor

Ruth Goodman; read by Heather Wilds

From an historian who advised on the BBCs Wolf Hall, an erudite romp through the intimate details of life in Tudor England. Learn More
The Silk Roads

Peter Frankopan; read by Laurence Kennedy

IndieBound Bestseller

It was on the Silk Roads that East and West first encountered each other through trade and conquest, leading to the spread of ideas, cultures, and religions. From the rise and fall of empires to the spread of Buddhism and the advent of Christianity and Islam, right up to the great wars of the twentieth century, this book shows how the fate of the West has always been inextricably linked to the East. Learn More
From Silk to Silicon

Jeffrey E. Garten; read by Jonathan Yen

The story of globalization, the most powerful force in history, as told through the life and times of ten people who changed the world by their singular, spectacular accomplishments. Learn More
The King and Queen of Malibu

David K. Randall; read by Eric Summerer

New York Times best-selling author David K. Randall spins a remarkable tale of the American West and the desire of one couple to preserve paradise. Learn More
Putin Country

Anne Garrels; read by the Author

In Putin Country, longtime NPR correspondent Anne Garrels crafts a necessary portrait of Russia's heartland. Learn More
American Character

Colin Woodard; read by Jonathan Yen

The author of American Nations examines the history of and solutions to the key American question: how best to reconcile individual liberty with the maintenance of a free society. Learn More
The Great Departure

Tara Zahra; read by Elizabeth Wiley

A panoramic, eye-opening history of the vast migration of Eastern Europeans to the West by a recent winner of a MacArthur Fellowship. Learn More
Northern Armageddon

D. Peter MacLeod; read by Tom Perkins

A vivid re-telling of Canada's most important battle, based on decades of research and many dramatic eyewitness accounts. Learn More
The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu

Joshua Hammer; read by Paul Boehmer

To save precious centuries-old Arabic texts from Al Qaeda, a band of librarians in Timbuktu pull off a brazen heist worthy of Ocean’s Eleven. Learn More
Tom Paine's Iron Bridge

Edward G. Gray; read by Tom Perkins

The little-known story of the architectural project that lay at the heart of Tom Paine’s political blueprint for the United States. Learn More
The Statesman and the Storyteller

Mark Zwonitzer; read by Joe Barrett

In the tradition of the bestselling historical works of David McCullough, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Stephen Ambrose, and Walter Isaacson, award-winning documentarian Mark Zwonitzer brings two extraordinary American figures—and friends—into the spotlight at a time when their country was taking center stage in the world. Learn More
The Apache Wars

Paul Andrew Hutton; read by Jonathan Yen

In the tradition of Empire of the Summer Moon, a stunningly vivid historical account of the manhunt for Geronimo and the 25-year Apache struggle for their homeland. Learn More
Jefferson's America

Julie M. Fenster; read by John Pruden

The surprising story of how Thomas Jefferson commanded an unrivaled age of American exploration, and in presiding over that era of discovery, forged a great nation. Learn More
Bitter Freedom

Maurice Walsh; read by Michael Healy

In the tradition of Margaret MacMillan's Paris 1919 comes this groundbreaking history of the Irish Revolution. In this invigorating account, Walsh demonstrates how this national revolution captured worldwide attention from India to Argentina and was itself shaped by political, economic, and cultural events. Learn More
Revolution on the Hudson

George C. Daughan; read by Jonathan Yen

The untold story of the fight for the Hudson River Valley—the control of which, both the Americans and the British firmly believed, would determine the outcome of the Revolutionary War. Learn More
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