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Earning the Rockies

by Robert D. Kaplan; read by William Dufris

A concise and deeply moving portrait of the American landscape from coast to coast, Earning the Rockies offers a detailed and pragmatic framework for our foreign policy by examining the specific geography from which American power springs. Learn More
The Best of American Heritage: The Civil War

by Edwin S. Grosvenor; read by Sean Pratt

Some of America's foremost historians—including Bruce Catton, David McCullough, James McPherson and Stephen Sears—tell extraordinary stories of courage, disaster, and triumph in this collection of the best articles from sixty years of American Heritage. Learn More
American Heritage History of the Confident Years: 1866-1914

by Francis Russell; read by Mike Chamberlain

Here, from New York Times bestselling historian Francis Russell, is the vivid story of the confident years—those days of America's exuberant growth in population, industry, and world prestige—from the end of the Civil War to the outbreak of World War I. Learn More
The Age of Caesar

by Plutarch, translated by Pamela Mensch and James Romm; read by Michael Page

A brilliant new translation of five of history’s greatest lives from Plutarch, the inventor of biography. Learn More
World War II: Air War

by Stephen W. Sears; read by Paul Boehmer

Here, from the acclaimed historian Stephen W. Sears, is the story of Europe's air war. Learn More
The Not-Quite States of America

by Doug Mack; read by Jonathan Yen

An entertaining and eye-opening journey to the most overlooked parts of America. Learn More
The British Empire

by Stephen W. Sears; read by Corrie James

In 1815, the British controlled the seas. Before the end of the nineteenth century, they ruled Australia, India, New Zealand, half of Africa, half of North America, and islands all around the globe. Theirs was the most powerful empire the world has ever known. Learn More
American Heritage History of the Indian Wars

by Robert M. Utley and Wilcomb E. Washburn; read by David Drummond

Here, from American Heritage, is the dramatic story of the violent conflicts between Native Americans and white settlers that lasted more than 300 years, the effects of which still resonate today. Learn More
Life in the Middle Ages

by Richard Winston; read by Shaun Grindell

Here, National Book Award winner Richard Winston explores life in the Middle Ages. Learn More
American Sanctuary

by A. Roger Ekirch; read by Tom Zingarelli

The extraordinary story of the mutiny aboard the HMS Hermione from "one of America’s most imaginative historians" (Gordon S. Wood). Learn More
The Alps

by Stephen O'Shea; read by Robert Fass

A thrilling blend of contemporary travelogue and historical narrative about the Alps from "a graceful and passionate writer" (Washington Post). Learn More
The Middle Ages

by Morris Bishop; read by Michael Page

With exceptional grace and wit, Morris Bishop vividly reconstructs this distinctive era of European history in a work that will inform and delight scholars and general readers alike. Learn More
The Vikings

by Frank R. Donovan; read by Chris Sorensen

Author and historian Frank R. Donovan presents the history of the Vikings. Learn More
Life In Ancient Rome

by Lionel Casson; read by John Glouchevitch

Award-winning historian Lionel Casson paints a vivid portrait of life in ancient Rome. Learn More
The One-Cent Magenta

by James Barron; read by Jonathan Yen

An inside look at the obsessive, secretive, and often bizarre world of high-profile stamp collecting, told through the journey of the world’s most sought-after stamp. Learn More
March 1917

by Will Englund; read by Julian Elfer

A riveting history of the month that transformed the world's greatest nations as Russia faced revolution and America entered World War I. Learn More
Germany: A History

by Francis Russell: read by A.T. Chandler

Here, from New York Times bestselling historian Franics Russell, is the dramatic story of Germany—from the rise of Charlemagne to the age of Martin Luther, from the Thirty Years' War to the iron rule of Otto von Bismarck, and from the formation of the Weimar Republic to the fighting of two world wars. Learn More

by J. Christopher Herold; read by Paul Woodson

In Napoleon, National Book Award winner J. Christopher Herold tells the fascinating story of a legendary leader who changed the world in every aspect—political, cultural, military, and commercial. Learn More
Adams: An American Dynasty

by Francis Russell; read by Patrick Lawlor

Here is the compelling and impressive story of the Adams dynasty. Learn More
Martin Luther

by Lyndal Roper; read by Michael Page

Library Journal Best Books 2017

The first historical biography, for many decades, of Martin Luther (1483-1546), the rebellious monk who ushered in the modern world. Learn More
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