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Unmasking Obama

by Jack Cashill; read by John McLain

In Unmasking Obama, Jack Cashill contends that while the major media were spinning their collective fairy tale about the Obama presidency, the alternative conservative media—America's "samizdat"—were telling the truth. Learn More
Spies of the Deep

by W. Craig Reed; read by Paul Woodson

Twenty years after the most terrifying submarine disaster in naval history, the untold story about why the Russians buried the truth and how Vladimir Putin used the incident to ignite a new Cold War finally comes to light. Learn More
Being Evil

by Luke Russell; read by James Cameron Stewart

In Being Evil: A Philosophical Perspective, the author discusses why some philosophers think that evil is a myth or a fantasy, while others think that evil is real. Along the way he asks whether evil is always horrific and incomprehensible, or if it can be banal. The book also engages with ongoing discussions over psychopathy and empathy, analyzing the psychology behind evildoing. Learn More
The Saddest Words

by Michael Gorra; read by Joe Barrett

Interweaving biography, absorbing literary criticism, and rich travelogue, The Saddest Words recontextualizes Faulkner, revealing a civil war within him, while examining the most plangent cultural issues facing American literature today. Learn More
Killing Strangers

by T.K. Wilson; read by Matthew Lloyd Davies

Killing Strangers: How Political Violence Became Modern aims to highlight the very strangeness of contemporary experience when it is viewed against a long-term perspective. Atrocities regularly capture media attention—and just as quickly fade from public view. Deep down we expect no different. So Killing Strangers deliberately asks the very simplest of questions. How on earth did we get here? Learn More
The President and Immigration Law

by Adam Cox & Cristina M. Rodriguez; read by Gary Tiedemann

In The President and Immigration Law, Adam B. Cox and Cristina M. Rodríguez chronicle the untold story of how, over the course of two centuries, the President became the United States' immigration policymaker-in-chief. Diving deep into the history of American immigration policy, they show how migration crises, real or imagined, have empowered presidents. Learn More
The Nine Lives of Pakistan

by Declan Walsh; read by Roger Clark

The former New York Times Pakistan bureau chief paints an arresting, up-close portrait of a fractured country. Learn More
The Idea of Europe and the Origins of the American Revolution

by D.H. Robinson; read by Liam Gerrard

In The Idea of Europe and the Origins of the American Revolution, Dan Robinson presents a new history of politics in colonial America and the imperial crisis, tracing how ideas of Europe and Europeanness shaped British-American political culture. Learn More
Calculating Race

by Benjamin Wiggins; read by Eric Jason Martin

Offering listeners a new perspective on the historical importance of actuarial science in structural racism, Calculating Race is a particularly timely contribution as Big Data and algorithmic decision making increasingly pervade our lives. Learn More
The Last Platoon

by Bing West; read by Stephen Graybill

This authentic war story vividly displays how a warrior must replenish his own moral courage and not allow ambition to coarsen his sense of decency. Learn More
How to Be Content

by Horace; selected by Stephen Harrison; translated by Stephen Harrison; introduced by Stephen Harrison; read by PJ Ochlan

In How to Be Content, Stephen Harrison provides fresh, contemporary translations of poems from across Horace's works that continue to offer important lessons about the good life, friendship, love, and death. Learn More
Beer Money

by S.C. Sherman; read by Adam Barr

A captivating feat of historical fiction set during the 1880s clash between the prohibitionists and the three most powerful brewers in Iowa City—known as "The Beer Mafia." Learn More

by Ruth Ben-Ghiat; read by Chloe Cannon

In Strongmen, Ruth Ben-Ghiat lays bare the blueprint authoritarian leaders have followed over the past 100 years, and empowers us to recognize, resist, and prevent their disastrous rule in the future. Learn More
Abuse of Power

by Fred V. Lucas; read by John McLain

Abuse of Power: Inside The Three-Year Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump exposes: how Elizabeth Warren tried to set an impeachment trap for Trump even before the inauguration; why the depths of the Biden family's international conflict of interests are worthy of a federal investigation; why Nancy Pelosi caved to The Squad to remain leadership; and more. Learn More
The Abolitionist and the Spy

by Ken Lizzio; read by Paul Boehmer

The abolitionist legacies of Orville Brown and his son, Spencer, live on in this historic and daring nineteenth-century account. Learn More
The Sum of Our Dreams

by Louis P. Masur, read by Jonathan Yen

In The Sum of Our Dreams, Louis P. Masur offers a sweeping yet compact history of America from its beginnings to the current moment. Learn More
The Knowledge Machine

by Michael Strevens; read by Julian Elfer

A paradigm-shifting work that revolutionizes our understanding of the origins and structure of science. Learn More
All Up

by J.W. Rinzler; read by Paul Woodson

AudioFile Earphones Winner

Bestselling Star Wars author and former Lucasfilm creative executive J. W. Rinzler combines actual and speculative history in a sweeping re-creation of the dramatic race to develop rockets, dominate the skies over Earth, and explore our Solar System—an epic that rages through World War II and culminates with the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. Learn More
Beyond the Great Divide

by Governor George Pataki with Trey Radel; read by Trey Radel

An unprecedented, insider view into 9/11 and the inner workings of the political climate that emerged after the attacks, which continues to shape our future—politically and culturally—and how we as a country can bridge the Great Divide. Learn More
Blood Runs Coal

by Mark A. Bradley; read by Perry Daniels

Edgar Award Winner for Best Fact Crime

The true story of the shocking assassination that catalyzed groundbreaking reform in Big Coal. Learn More
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