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Scenes of Subjection

by Saidiya Hartman; read by Lisa Reneé Pitts

NEW! Now Available

The groundbreaking debut by the award-winning author of Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments, revised and updated. Learn More
The Problem of Immigration in a Slaveholding Republic

by Kevin Kenny; read by Bill Andrew Quinn

NEW! Now Available

A powerful analysis of how regulation of the movement of enslaved and free black people produced a national immigration policy in the period between the American Revolution and the end of Reconstruction. Learn More
The Age of Deer

by Erika Howsare; read by Erika Howsare

NEW! Now Available

A masterful hybrid of nature writing and cultural studies that investigates our connection with deer—from mythology to biology, from forests to cities, from coexistence to control and extermination—and invites listeners to contemplate the paradoxes of how humans interact with and shape the natural world. Learn More
Ways of Eating

by Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft and Merry White; read by Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft

From the origins of agriculture to contemporary debates over culinary authenticity, Ways of Eating introduces listeners to world food history and food anthropology. Through engaging stories and historical deep dives, Benjamin A. Wurgaft and Merry I. White offer new ways to understand food in relation to its natural and cultural histories and the social rules that shape our meals. Learn More
Happy Dreams of Liberty

by R. Isabela Morales; read by Allyson Johnson

A poignant, multi-generational saga of a mixed-race family in the US West and South from the antebellum period through the rise of Jim Crow. Learn More
Getting Russia Right

by Thomas Graham; read by Daniel Henning

As US-Russian relations scrape the depths of cold-war antagonism, the promise of partnership that beguiled American administrations during the first post-Soviet decades increasingly appears to have been false from the start. Why did American leaders persist in pursuing it? Was there another path that would have produced more constructive relations or better prepared Washington to face the challenge Russia poses today? Learn More
After Eden

by John Charles Chasteen; read by Petrea Burchard

To solve the problems of the twenty-first century, historian John Charles Chasteen argues that we must first know our shared human story. Learn More
Fierce Ambition

by Jennet Conant; read by EJ Lavery

A spirited portrait of twentieth-century war correspondent Maggie Higgins and her tenacious fight to the top in a male-dominated profession. Learn More

by Ja'Ron Smith and Chris Pilkerton; read by Bill Andrew Quinn

This book provides a roadmap for modern-day conservatives to advance President Lincoln’s vision to help underserved communities across our country. Learn More
The New Crusades

by Khaled A. Beydoun; foreword by Kimberlé Crenshaw; read by Neil Shah

The first book to examine global Islamophobia from a legal and ground-up perspective, from renowned public intellectual Khaled A. Beydoun. Learn More
Making the Supreme Court

by Charles M. Cameron and Jonathan P. Kastellec; read by Lee Goettl

Based on rich data and qualitative evidence, Making the Supreme Court provides a sharp lens on the social and political transformations that created a new American politics. Learn More
The Picnic

by Matthew Longo; read by Tom Parks

The gripping story of a collective passion for freedom that shook the world. Learn More
Coal Country Killing

by Robert K. Tanenbaum and Steve Jackson; read by Frank Block

A triumphant, uplifting true justice story led by jury trial expert, Richard A. Sprague—the indomitable, nationally renowned prosecutor who engaged in the most intense manhunt investigation in police history. Learn More
A Fabulous Failure

by Nelson Lichtenstein and Judith Stein; read by Tom Campbell

This book reveals why Bill Clinton's expansive agenda was a fabulous failure, and why its demise still haunts us today. Learn More
The Upside-Down World

by Benjamin Moser; read by Paul Boehmer

Arriving as a young writer in an ancient Dutch town, Benjamin Moser found himself visiting—casually at first, and then more and more obsessively—the country's great museums. Inside these old buildings, he discovered the remains of the Dutch Golden Age and began to unearth the strange, inspiring, and terrifying stories of the artists who gave shape to one of the most luminous moments in the history of human creativity. Learn More
How to Care About Animals

by Porphyry; translated with commentary by Peter NobleM. D. Usher; read by

An entertaining and enlightening anthology of classical Greek and Roman writings on animals—and our vital relationships with them. Learn More
The Isolated Presidency

by Jordan T. Cash; read by Joshua Saxon

To gain a clear view of how the Constitution creates a baseline of authority that is available to all presidents, Jordan T. Cash examines the "isolated presidents"—presidents who were unelected, faced divided government, and were opposed by major factions of their own political parties. Learn More
Dispatches from the AIDS Pandemic

by Kevin M. De Cock, Harold W. Jaffe, and James W. Curran; edited by Robin Moseley; read by Curtis Michael Holland

Authentic and insightful, Dispatches from the AIDS Pandemic provides an authoritative account of an epidemic and its central role in the expansion of global public health. Learn More
American Visions

by Edward L. Ayers; read by Brandon Pollock

A revealing history of the formative period when voices of dissent and innovation defied power and created visions of America still resonant today.
Learn More
How to Make a Killing

by Tom Mueller; read by Melissa Kay Benson

How did a lifesaving medical breakthrough become a for-profit enterprise that threatens many of the people it's meant to save? Learn More
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