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Opening Strategy

by Richard Whittington; read by Matthew Lloyd Davies

Opening Strategy recounts the origins and development of Strategy as a profession from the middle of the last century to the present day. Learn More
The Wall

by John Lanchester; read by Will Poulter

Kirkus Best Fiction of 2019
2019 Man Booker Prize

The bestselling author of The Debt to Pleasure and Capital returns with a chilling fable for our time. Learn More
Practical Equality

by Robert Tsai; read by David Shih

A path-breaking account of how Americans have used innovative legal measures to overcome injustice—and an indispensable guide to pursuing equality in our time. Learn More
Shortest Way Home

by Pete Buttigieg; read by Pete Buttigieg

AudioFile Earphones Winner

A mayor's inspirational story of a Midwest city that has become nothing less than a blueprint for the future of American renewal. Learn More
Vices of the Mind

by Quassim Cassam; read by Matthew Waterson

Epistemic vices are character traits, attitudes, or thinking styles that prevent us from gaining, keeping, or sharing knowledge. In this book, Quassim Cassam gives an account of the nature and importance of these vices, which include closed-mindedness, intellectual arrogance, wishful thinking, and prejudice. Learn More
Spies of No Country

by Matti Friedman; read by Simon Vance

Award-winning writer Matti Friedman's tale of Israel's first spies has all the tropes of an espionage novel, including duplicity, betrayal, disguise, clandestine meetings, the bluff, and the double bluff—but it's all true. Learn More
The Scientific Attitude

by Lee McIntyre; read by Mike Chamberlain

An argument that what makes science distinctive is its emphasis on evidence and scientists' willingness to change theories on the basis of new evidence. Learn More
Pan Am at War

by Mark Cotta Vaz & John H. Hill; read by Mike Chamberlain

Pan Am at War chronicles the airline's historic role in advancing aviation and serving America's national interest before and during World War II. Learn More
Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody

by James H. Cone; read by Bill Andrew Quinn

In this powerful and passionate memoir—his final work—James H. Cone describes the obstacles he overcame to find his voice, to respond to the signs of the times, and to offer a voice for those—like the parents who raised him in Bearden, Arkansas, in the era of lynching and Jim Crow—who had no voice. Learn More
The Cross and the Lynching Tree

by James H. Cone; read by Leon Nixon

The cross and the lynching tree are the two most emotionally charged symbols in the history of the African American community. In this powerful work, theologian James H. Cone explores these symbols and their interconnection in the history and souls of black folk. Learn More
Out of the Shadows

by Walt Odets; read by Will Damron

A moving exploration of how gay men construct their identities, fight to be themselves, and live authentically. Learn More

by Lise Johnson & Eric Chudler

How scientific reasoning explains our most common daily fears—from germs to natural disasters and everything in between. Learn More
Doing Time Like A Spy

by John Kiriakou; read by Jonathan Yen

Winner of the 2016 PEN First Amendment Award
Winner of the 2013 Peacemaker of the Year Award

On February 28, 2013, after pleading guilty to violating the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, John Kiriakou began serving a thirty month prison sentence. His crime: blowing the whistle on the CIA's use of torture on al Qaeda prisoners. Learn More
Vote for US

by Joshua A. Douglas; read by Keith Sellon-Wright

An expert on U.S. election law presents an encouraging assessment of current efforts to make our voting system more accessible, reliable, and effective. Learn More
Digital Civil War

by Peter Daou; read by Jonathan Yen

A deep look into the raging social media battles between red and blue Americans and the growing threat to U.S. democracy from right-wing extremism. Learn More
No One Man Should Have All That Power

By Amos Barshad; read by Johnny Heller

An exploration of infamous, controversial figures and how they exert control. Learn More

By Chip Jacobs & Wiliam J. Kelley; read by Charles Constant

Brimming with forgotten anecdotes and new revelations about our environmentally precarious present, Smogtown is a journalistic classic for the modern age. Learn More
Girl in Black and White

by Jessie Morgan-Owens; read by Allyson Johnson

The riveting, little-known story of Mary Mildred Williams—a slave girl who looked "white"—whose photograph transformed the abolitionist movement. Learn More
Nervous States

By William Davies; read by Chris MacDonnell

In this age of intense political conflict, we sense objective fact is growing less important. Experts are attacked as partisan, statistics and scientific findings are decried as propaganda, and public debate devolves into personal assaults. How did we get here, and what can we do about it?
Learn More
Five Miles Away, A World Apart

by Ryan E. James; read by Adam Lofbomm

Exhaustively researched and elegantly written by one of the nation's leading education law scholars, Five Miles Away, A World Apart ties together, like no other book, a half-century's worth of education law and politics into a coherent, if disturbing, whole. It will be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered why our schools are so unequal and whether there is anything to be done about it. Learn More
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