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Five Miles Away, A World Apart

by Ryan E. James; read by Adam Lofbomm

Exhaustively researched and elegantly written by one of the nation's leading education law scholars, Five Miles Away, A World Apart ties together, like no other book, a half-century's worth of education law and politics into a coherent, if disturbing, whole. It will be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered why our schools are so unequal and whether there is anything to be done about it. Learn More
Man They Wanted Me to Be

by Jared Yates Sexton; read by Jared Yates Sexton

A Big Other Most Anticipated Small Press Book of the Year

The author of The People Are Going to Rise Like the Waters Upon Your Shore turns his keen eye to our current crisis of masculinity, using his upbringing in rural Indiana to examine the personal and societal dangers of the patriarchy. Learn More
Oxford Handbook of IPOs

by Sofia A. Johan; read by Mike Chamberlain

This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of why companies list on stock exchanges, how IPOs are regulated, initially valued, and their performance in the short and long run. Learn More
Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments

by Saidiya Hartman; read by Allyson Johnson

National Book Critics Circle Finalist

A breathtaking exploration of the lives of young black women in the early twentieth century. Learn More
Reaching for the Moon

by Roger D. Launius; read by Keith Sellon-Wright

Fifty years after the Moon landing, a new history of the space race explores the lives of both Soviet and American engineers. Learn More
Nature's Mutiny

by Philipp Blom; read by Jonathan Keeble

An illuminating work of environmental history that chronicles the great climate crisis of the 1600s, which transformed the social and political fabric of Europe. Learn More
Talking Back, Talking Black

by John McWhorter; read by John McWhorter

Talking Back, Talking Black takes us on a fascinating tour of a nuanced and complex language that has moved beyond America's borders to become a dynamic force for today's youth culture around the world. Learn More
White House Warriors

by John Gans; read by David Marantz

This revelatory history of the elusive National Security Council shows how staffers operating in the shadows have driven foreign policy clandestinely for decades. Learn More
The Regency Years

by Robert Morrison; read by Chris MacDonnell

A surprising and lively history of an overlooked era that brought the modern world of art, culture, and science decisively into view. Learn More

by Michael Power; read by Shawn Compton

This collection of essays deals with the situated management of risk in a wide variety of organizational settings—aviation, mental health, railway project management, energy, toy manufacture, financial services, chemicals regulation, and NGOs. Learn More
Small Town, Big Oil

by David W. Moore; read by Rebecca Gibel

Small Town, Big Oil is the story of how the residents of Durham, led by three women, handed Greek oil shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis the most humiliating defeat of his business career and spared the New Hampshire seacoast from becoming an industrial wasteland. Learn More

by Carlton Patrick; read by

In Objection, psychologists Debra Lieberman and Carlton Patrick examine disgust and its impact on the legal system to show why the things that we find stomach-turning so often become the things that we render unlawful. Learn More
The Debatable Land

by Graham Robb; read by Saul Reichlin

Bestselling author Graham Robb finds that the 2,000-year-old map of Ptolemy unlocks a central mystery of British history. Learn More
Words No Bars Can Hold

by Deborah Appleman; foreword by Jimmy Santiago Baca; read by Virginia Wolf

Words No Bars Can Hold provides a rare glimpse into literacy learning under the most dehumanizing conditions. Deborah Appleman chronicles her work teaching college- level classes at a high- security prison for men, most of whom are serving life sentences. Learn More
The Bourbon King

by Bob Batchelor; read by Joe Barrett

Love, murder, mountains of cash, bribery, political intrigue, rivers of bourbon, and a grand spectacle like few before it, the tale of George Remus provides listeners with a lens into the dark heart of Prohibition's "Bourbon Trail," the thirst of the American people, and their fascination with crime. Learn More
The Capital

by Robert Menasse; read by Gildart Jackson

Mordantly funny and piercingly urgent, The Capital, the winner of Germany's highest fiction prize, is an "elegantly written, beautifully constructed" (Die Zeit) feat of world literature. Learn More
Dynamic Capabilities and Strategic Management

by David J. Teece; read by Christopher Grove

How do firms compete? How do firms earn above normal returns? What's needed to sustain superior performance long term? An increasingly powerful answer to these fundamental questions of business strategy lies in the concept of dynamic capabilities. Learn More
Eyes in the Sky

by Arthur Holland Michel; read by LJ Ganser

The fascinating history and unnerving future of high-tech aerial surveillance, from its secret military origins to its growing use on American citizens. Learn More
The Land of Flickering Lights

by Michael Bennet; read by Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet eloquently chronicles the dramatic full stories behind five debates and decisions crucial to all Americans, each of which exemplifies the hyper-partisan politics that have upended our democracy. Learn More
38 Nooses

by Scot W. Berg; read by Paul Heitsch

Scott W. Berg recounts an overlooked but seminal moment in American history. Learn More
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