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It Takes Monsters

Unabridged   9.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 10/17/2023

It Takes Monsters

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Digital Download ISBN:9781696612166


A must-listen thriller from the author of Chloe Cates Is Missing.

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Product Description

Victoria Tate has had enough of her controlling, incompetent husband Warren. But planning the perfect murder is more difficult than she expected. When the social event of the year, an over-the-top costume ball, is rescheduled for the date she has selected for her crime, Victoria has to scramble to make sure she will still be able to follow through. But even hours of listening to crime podcasts cannot prepare her for the next wrench that is thrown into her plans: Warren turns up dead by someone else's hand.

Now Victoria finds herself at the center of a murder investigation in which she is actually innocent. The real killer taunts her, making it clear that they knew what she was planning all along. With the police closing in and her neighbors turning on her, Victoria stands to lose everything she had hoped to gain from Warren's death, unless she can figure out who wanted her husband dead—and why. It turns out that Warren was better at keeping secrets than she ever could have guessed. But which secret is the one that led to his death? And even if she can find the answers, does Victoria have what it takes to confront a real murderer?

In this twisty thriller from the author of Chloe Cates Is Missing, danger comes from both the monsters among us and the monsters that lurk inside us.

Author Bio

Mandy McHugh holds an MA in English from the College of Saint Rose and a BA in English education from Le Moyne College. Her works have appeared in various literary magazines and podcasts, and she lives in upstate New York with her husband, two kids, and dog.