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Fiction: Fantasy; Sci-Fi; Short Stories
Unabridged   4.25 hour(s)
Publication date: 02/06/2018


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Audio CD ISBN:9781684410705
Digital Download ISBN:9781684410712


Jagannath is an award-winning debut story collection by Karin Tidbeck, author of Amatka and heir to Borges, Le Guin, and Lovecraft.

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Product Description

A child is born in a tin can. A switchboard operator finds himself in hell. Three corpulent women float somewhere beyond time. Welcome to the weird world of Karin Tidbeck, the visionary Swedish author of literary sci-fi, speculative fiction, and mind-bending fantasy who has captivated readers around the world. Originally published by the tiny press Cheeky Frawg—the passion project of Ann and Jeff VanderMeer—Jagannath has been celebrated by readers and critics alike, with rave reviews from major outlets and support from lauded peers like China Miéville and even Ursula K. Le Guin herself. These are stories in which fairies haunt quiet towns, and an immortal being discovers the nature of time—stories in which anything is possible.


“Potter transports the listener to a land that is foreign, yet one that is still so very similar to our own. Her calm voice makes the transitions between stories seamless, at times to the point that one doesn't realize a new one is beginning.” —AudioFile

“Narrated by Kristen Potter, whose smooth voice deftly captures the strange stories and world of Tidbeck, who specializes in literary speculative pieces unlike most other eerie reads.” —Donovans Literary Services

“Narrator Kirsten Potter delivers a crisp reading, giving the often bizarre subject matter a matter-of-fact grounding that serves the material well.” —Library Journal Audio

"Jagannath is a collection of stories that will keep you up at night, both while reading and days later, that blends the fantastic and the weird in a perfect concoction." —Wired

"In the Borgesian tradition.... Something wonderful - and weird - is going to happen if you open this book." —NPR

"Restrained and vivid, poised and strange, Tidbeck, with her impossible harmonies, is a vital voice." —China Miéville, author of The City & the City and Embassytown

Author Bio

Karin Tidbeck is originally from Stockholm, Sweden. She lives and works in Malmö as a freelance writer, translator, and creative-writing teacher, and writes fiction in Swedish and English. Her English debut, the 2012 collection Jagannath, was awarded the Crawford Award 2013 and short-listed for the World Fantasy Award.