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Junius and Albert's Adventures in the Confederacy

Nonfiction: American History / Civil War
Unabridged   10.25 hour(s)
Publication date: 05/28/2013

Junius and Albert's Adventures in the Confederacy

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Audio CD ISBN:9781622311682
Digital Download ISBN:9781622311699


The thrilling true story of a pair of reporters swept up in the Civil War, captured, and thrown into jail, and their attempt to escape and return home to file their own extraordinary story.

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Product Description

Albert Richardson and Junius Browne, two correspondents for the New York Tribune, were captured at the Battle of Vicksburg and spent twenty months in horrific Confederate prisons before escaping and making their way to Union territory. Their amazing, long-forgotten odyssey is one of the great escape stories in American history, packed with drama, courage, horrors and heroics, plus many moments of antic comedy. They must endure the Confederacy’s most notorious prison; rely on forged passes and the secret signals of a covert pro-Union organization in North Carolina; trust a legendary guerilla leader; be hidden by slaves during the day in plantation slave quarters; and ultimately depend on a mysterious, anonymous woman on a white horse to guide them to safety. They traveled for 340 miles, most of it on foot, much of it through snow, in twenty-six days.

This is a marvelous, surreal voyage through the cold mountains, dark prisons, and mysterious bands of misfits living in the shadows of the Civil War.


“Narrator Danny Campbell’s affability and expressiveness engage the listener in the story, which he moves through with perfect pacing.”

“I found the factoids that pepper the story to be as fascinating as the overall story of Junius and Albert. . . . Campbell never minimizes these little gems in his narration. They may only be a sentence or a phrase of mention, but Campbell’s awareness of them helps to leave a lasting impression on the listener.”
      —Jen’s Book Thoughts

“Carlson works with wonderful efficiency, describing the political and social environment. . . . Compact and vivid as readers are escorted to the hell both men endured.”

“Unspools like a buddy flick. . . . Carlson’s story has so many twists, right up to the last page.”
      —Washington Post

“Plenty of nonfiction narratives claim to read like novels; this one actually does.”
      —Boston Globe

“Thoroughly entertaining.”
      —American History

“Possesses the juiciness of a beach read. . . . Carlson works with wonderful efficiency, describing the political and social environment both men faced but never losing sight of the story and its momentum.”

“Modern journalists scrambling to file before deadline have nothing on Junius Browne and Albert Richardson. . . . Civil War buffs and historians of journalism will revel in this thrilling tale of two raucous, self-described ‘knights of the quill.’”
      —Publishers Weekly

“This absorbing story of two Northern war reporters who were captured by the Confederates at Vicksburg, imprisoned for nineteen months, and escaped two hundred miles to Union lines demonstrates that for the Civil War, truth is indeed more thrilling than fiction.”
      —James M. McPherson, author of Battle Cry of Freedom

“Peter Carlson is one of America’s greatest storytellers, and this is his best story yet. Funny, thrilling, tragic, and impossible to put down, . . . A beautifully written, wondrous book.”
      —David Finkel, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of The Good Soldiers

“A rollicking story of imprisonment and escape. . . . Carlson has taken full advantage of abundant material to deliver a vivid chronicle of two working Civil War reporters and their spectacular odyssey.”
      —Kirkus Review

“Another irresistible story, engagingly told, from the pen of irresistible and engaging storyteller Peter Carlson. As with the best of non-fiction, it reads like a far-fetched novel.”
      —Christopher Buckley

“‘Grave, propulsive, heroic, and, not least, slyly comic. . . . This is a lost tale resurrected by a fine old newspaperman himself—and our hearts are better for it.”
      —Paul Hendrickson, author of Hemingway’s Boat

“History as it really happened, not the tidy school book version, and Peter Carlson tells it with the drive and verve of a truly gifted narrator.”
      —David Von Drehle, author of Rise to Greatness

Author Bio

PETER CARLSON is the author of K Blows Top, which was optioned into a feature film released in 2013 by HBO. For many years, he was a reporter and columnist for the Washington Post. He has also written for Smithsonian magazine, History Today, and the Huffington Post. He lives in Bethesda, MD.

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