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Lionboy: The Truth

Fiction: Young Adult / Action & Adventure
Unabridged   6 hour(s)
Publication date: 08/29/2005

Lionboy: The Truth

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Audio CD ISBN:9781565119918
Digital Download ISBN:9781598873498


The thrilling conclusion to the Lionboy trilogy.

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Product Description

At the end of Lionboy: The Chase Charlie Ashanti has restored the lions to their home in the wilds of Morocco and been reunited in the port town of Essaouira with his parents, Magdalen and Aneba. But just as Charlie is beginning to think that his adventures might be over, who should reappear but the nasty lion-tamer Maccomo and the raffish Rafi. Before he knows it, Charlie has been kidnapped once again and is in the hold of a ship bound he knows not where.

All is not lost, however. Eventually the entire cast of the Lionboy trilogy find themselves on a Caribbean island, the home of the sinister Corporacy. Can Charlie bring the story to a triumphant conclusion by vanquishing the Corporacy and ridding the world of its nefarious schemes?

Author Bio

ZIZOU CORDER is the pen name for a mother-daughter team of authors. LOUISA YOUNG grew up in London and studied history at Cambridge. She has written another trilogy for adults featuring a belly-dancing, motorcycle-riding single mom (Baby Love, Desiring Cairo, and Tree of Pearls), as well as a non-fiction book, The Book of the Heart.

Her ten-year-old daughter, ISABEL ADOMAKOH YOUNG contributed plot and character details, some of which mirror her own life—like Charlie, the hero of Lionboy Isabel is the child of an English woman and an African man and, also like Charlie, she suffers asthma.

The pen name Zizou Corder comes from Isabel's pet lizard, Zizu. They all live together in London.

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