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Long Time Leaving

Nonfiction: Humor
Abridged   7.75 hour(s)
Publication date: 05/01/2007

Long Time Leaving

Dispatches from Up South

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Audio CD ISBN:9781598870954
Digital Download ISBN:9781598875003


It's North against South, and Georgia-born humorist and social commentator Roy Blount, Jr., now a resident of the Northeast, is debating exactly which side should win the titles Most Eccentric and Most Misunderstood.

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Product Description

The first collection of the beloved humorist's sly, dry, hilarious essays in more than a decade focuses on a perennially popular topic: the South vs. the North.

"When [Northerners] ask me to explain grits, I look at them like an Irishman who's been asked to explain potatoes."

"When I was a boy in Georgia, college sports was Bobby Dodd versus Bear Bryant immemorial. Compared to that the Harvard-Yale game is a panel discussion."

"Anybody who claims.not to have `a racist bone' in his or her body is at best pre-racist and has a longer way to go than the rest of us."

Hard-working humorist Roy Blount Jr. lives in the North but he's from the South, a delicious tension that has always informed and shaped his work. In this collection, he directs his acerbic wit and finely-tuned insight toward the persistent and colorful differences between the two.

His essays treat every conceivable topic on which North and South misunderstand each other, from music to sports, eating, education, politics, child-rearing, religion, race, and language ("remember when there was lots of discussion of `ebonics'?"). In this eminently quotable collection, Blount does justice to the charming, funny, infuriating facets of Southern tradition and their equally odd Northern counterpoints.

"Blount is the best. He can be literate, uncouth and soulful all in one sentence."
—Garrison Keillor

Author Bio

ROY BLOUNT JR. is the author of 19 previous books, most recently Feet on the Street: Rambles Around New Orleans. He is a panelist on NPRs Wait Wait...Dont Tell Me, a columnist for Oxford American, a contributing editor to The Atlantic Monthly, and president of the Authors Guild. TIME puts him squarely in the tradition of the great curmudgeons like H.L. Mencken and W.C. Fields. He lives in western Massachusetts.