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 The Ludwig Conspiracy

Unabridged   13.25 hour(s)
Publication date: 09/03/2013

The Ludwig Conspiracy

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Audio CD ISBN:9781622311989
Digital Download ISBN:9781622311996


The accidental discovery of an encoded diary by antiquarian bookseller Steven Lukas contains a deadly secret that links his fate to the tragic end of the 19th century Fairytale King, Ludwig II of Bavaria.

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Product Description

In 1886, King Ludwig II, the King of Bavaria, was deposed on grounds of mental incapacity without any medical examination. His “diagnosis” remains controversial among historians to this day.  Soon after his fall from power, Ludwig died under mysterious circumstances, leaving the eccentric and beautiful “fairytale” castles he had built as his only remaining legacy.

While putting away books from an estate sale purchase, rare book-dealer Steven Lukas finds a box he’s never seen before wedged between books on a high shelf. In it he discovers what looks to be a small diary written entirely in code, a lock of hair, and old photographs of the Fairytale King. It isn’t long however, before his excitement turns to fear as he realizes that mysterious others want the diary too—and will apparently kill to get it. Suspecting that his find may contain the secret truth behind Ludwig’s death, Steven consults with art historian Sara Lengfeld.

Soon they find themselves on the run together, investigating each of Ludwig’s three castles for clues as to just what in that ancient diary could be so explosive as to be worth killing—and even dying—for.


“Simon Vance is a brilliant narrator, perfect for the aristocrats, the Americans, and the folks involved in keeping the memory of Ludwig II alive for assorted purposes for history and tourism. Compelling listening for the road, the air, or the living room.”
      —Sound Commentary

“Exciting adventure . . . brought alive by the smooth performance of Simon Vance.”
      —Wisconsin Bookwatch

“[Simon Vance] convincingly portrays a varied cast . . . dramatizing the authentic historical details while matching the urgent pace and tone.”

“Narrator Simon Vance propels the story with his rich tone and subtle phrasing as he brings the listener intimately into the action of the plot.”

“Pötzsch’s sophisticated plotting and good use of a real-life historical puzzle place this far ahead of most Da Vinci Code wannabes.”
      —Publishers Weekly [HC starred review]

“Historical mystery fans and conspiracy theorists will find much to enjoy.”
      —Library Journal

Author Bio

OLIVER PÖTZSCH is the author of the bestselling The Hangmans Daughter series, each of which topped the charts in Germany and have sold over half a million copies in English. Born in Munich, Germany in 1970, he worked for years as a radio personality for Bavarian radio and a screenwriter for Bavarian public television.

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