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Nonfiction: Satire
Unabridged   6 hour(s)
Publication date: 10/31/2019


A Shakespearean Tragicomedy of the Trump Administration, Part I

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Audio CD ISBN:9781684578252
Digital Download ISBN:9781684578245


For listeners craving a humorous antidote to the sound and the fury of American politics, this clever satire, written in iambic pentameter in the style of Shakespeare, wittily fictionalizes the events of the first two years of the Trump administration.

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Product Description

No one thought that MacTrump—Lord of MacTrump Towers, Son of New York—would ascend to the highest position in the kingdom. Yet with the help of his unhappy but dutiful wife Lady MacTrump, his clever daughter Dame Desdivanka, and his coterie of advisers, MacTrump is comfortably ensconced in the White Hold as President of the United Fiefdoms, free to make proclamations to his subjects through his favorite messenger, McTweet.

The Democrati, mourning the loss of their cherished leader O'Bama, won't give up without a fight. They still remember the disastrous reign of George the Lesser, and they can see Putain's dark influence on MacTrump. Their greatest hope is MacMueller, tasked with investigating the plot that empowered MacTrump's rise to the throne.

As Desdivanka schemes to overthrow her father's councilors, and as Donnison and Ericson—trapped in their own Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-like storyline—prove useless to their father, MacTrump soon realizes he has no true allies. Will he be able to hold on to his throne? Only time will tell in this tragicomic tale of ambition, greed, and royal ineptitude.


“A wonder...an unexpectedly clever treat.”—The Anniston Star

“Ian Doescher and Jacopo della Quercia have done it again, this time mashing current political culture (or lack thereof) with Shakespearean words.”—Geeks of Doom

“A wickedly funny lampoon.”—The Oregonian

"I didn't recognize the voices of all the narrators, but I did hear the voices of famous actors who must be disguised by pseudonyms, including one of the authors, a former Obama staffer. They were all great, though MacDuff and Lady Disdivanka were especially good and the two MacTrump sons, Donnison and Ericson are the perfect foils or fools." --Sound Commentary

Author Bio

Ian Doescher is the New York Times bestselling author of William Shakespeare's Star Wars and the Pop Shakespeare series. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his family. Jacopo della Quercia is the pseudonym for a former Obama staffer. He is the author of The Great Abraham Lincoln Pocket Watch Conspiracy and License to Quill, a scholar with the New York Council for the Humanities, and a history writer who has authored more than 100 articles for the comedy website Cracked.com.