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Most Honorable Son

Nonfiction: History
Unabridged   13.25 hour(s)
Publication date: 07/23/2024

F O R T H C O M I N G ! Available July

Most Honorable Son

A Forgotten Hero's Fight Against Fascism and Hate During World War II

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Digital Download ISBN:9781696616133


The first comprehensive biography of unjustly forgotten Japanese American war hero Ben Kuroki, who fought the Axis powers during World War II and battled racism, injustice, and prejudice on the home front.

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Product Description

Ben Kuroki was a twenty-four-year-old Japanese American farm boy whose heritage was never a problem in remote Nebraska—until Pearl Harbor. Among the millions of Americans who flocked to military stations to enlist, Ben wanted to avenge the attack, reclaim his family honor, and prove his patriotism. But as anti-Japanese sentiment soared, Ben had to fight to be allowed to fight for America. And fight he did.

As a gunner on Army Air Forces bombers, Ben flew fifty-eight missions spanning three combat theaters: Europe, North America, and the Pacific. He flew some of the war's boldest and bloodiest air missions and lived to tell about it. In between his tours in Europe and the Pacific, he challenged FDR's shameful incarceration of more than one hundred thousand people of Japanese ancestry in America, and he would be credited by some with setting in motion the debate that reversed a grave national dishonor. In the euphoric wake of America's victory, the decorated war hero used his national platform to carry out what he called his "fifty-ninth mission," urging his fellow Americans to do more to eliminate bigotry and racism at home.

Told in full for the first time, and long overdue, Ben's extraordinary story is a quintessentially American one of patriotism, principle, perseverance, and courage.

Author Bio

A longtime foreign correspondent and investigative journalist, Pulitzer Prize finalist Gregg Jones has covered civil wars and insurgencies in Asia and Latin America, the fall of Asia's two longest-ruling twentieth-century dictators, and the early months of the US war in Afghanistan.