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Mysterious Press

Titles from the renowned mystery publisher, available from HighBridge on audio.

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Sacrificial Ground

Thomas H. Cook; read by Michael Sutherland

Still haunted by the suicide of his teenage daughter, a troubled cop obsessively searches for answers to a young girl’s death. Learn More
He Done Her Wrong

Stuart Kaminsky; read by Stephen Bowlby

Following the trail of Mae West’s scandalous—and missing—memoirs soon leads P.I. Peters into the midst of murder and mayhem. Learn More
Sandrine's Case

Thomas H. Cook; read by Brian Holsopple

A college professor must unspool the history of his tumultuous relationship with his free-spirited wife—as he stands trial and faces the death penalty for her murder. Learn More
Evil Eye

Joyce Carol Oates; read by Donna Postel, Luci Christian, Chris Patton, and Tamara Marston

A Publishers Weekly Listen Up Award Winner

Joyce Carol Oates is one of the world’s foremost chroniclers of the darkness that may lie within the human heart. In this collection of four terrifying novellas Oates shows just how far awry true love can go. Learn More

Brian Garfield; read by Dan Westwood

Years after testifying against a crime boss and going into hiding, an honest man who was only following his conscience finds his cover blown and the mob out to exact its revenge. Learn More
Blood Innocents

Thomas H. Cook; read by Jonah Cummings

In the renowned mystery writer Thomas H. Cook’s first novel, a weary detective tracks a blood-crazed psychopath who starts with the ritual killing of zoo animals—before moving on to human prey. Learn More
The Three-Cornered Halo

Christianna Brand; read by Derek Perkins

An island republic goes to insane lengths to canonize its most famous resident. Learn More

Brian Garfield; read by Tara Sands

To escape her violent, abusive, and powerful husband, a woman kidnaps her own child and flees across country, trying to erase all traces of who she once was before she falls victim to his murderous vengeance. Learn More
The Star of Istanbul

Robert Olen Butler; read by Ray Chase

In the second historical thriller featuring war correspondent and spy Christopher Marlowe (Kit) Cobb, Cobb crosses paths with a sultry, mysterious actress whose secret agenda may be the key to saving—or toppling—two empires during World War I. Learn More
The Backup Men

Ross Thomas; read by Brian Holsopple

Saloon owner Mac McCorkle and former CIA agent Mike Padillo team up to help a pair of bodyguards being pursued by assassins—who soon add McCorkle and Padillo to their hit list. Learn More
Emily Dickinson Is Dead

Jane Langton; read by Derek Perkins

When arson and murder strike the Emily Dickinson symposium, Professor Homer Kelly decides to investigate “the everlasting melodrama of human souls in conflict.” Learn More

Ken Bruen; read by Gerard Doyle

Former Irish cop Jack Taylor seems to have finally found a modicum of peace as he recovers from his most recent ordeal—that is, until a demented vigilante killer goes on a rampage, trying with each new murder to draw Jack into participating in a deadly game. Learn More
Why Me?

Donald E. Westlake; read by Brian Holsopple

Having unsuspectingly lifted the hottest gem in town, John Dortmunder becomes the prey of the FBI, the New York City police, terrorist groups from three nations, and all of New York’s petty and not-so-petty crooks. Learn More
Midnight Baby

Wendy Hornsby; read by Donna Postel

Filmmaker Maggie MacGowen’s eye sees things other people miss, often the dark reasons people get lost, hurt—or killed. When a young LA prostitute she befriended turns up murdered, she’s driven to find out who the girl really is and why she died. Learn More
Red 1-2-3

John Katzenbach; read by Donna Postel

Three women, unknown to each other and with seemingly nothing in common but the color of their hair, receive a letter from a madman informing them that they have been chosen by him to die. Learn More
The Porkchoppers

Ross Thomas; read by Brian Holsopple

Between the cutthroat worlds of organized crime and Washington power brokers, two hard-nosed bosses scrap for control of America’s largest union. Learn More
The Man Who Shot Lewis Vance

Stuart Kaminsky; read by Johnny Heller

A hotel murder and a $10,000 charity heist involve Toby Peters with two prominent Hollywood clients—John Wayne and Charlie Chaplin. Learn More
Lion Plays Rough

Lachlan Smith; read by R. C. Bray

Leo lived in the shadow of older brother, ruthless and effective criminal defense lawyer Teddy Maxwell, until Teddy was disabled in a shooting. Now Leo has gone looking for a case to establish his own legal reputation—and found more than he bargained for. Learn More
Flesh and Blood

Thomas H. Cook; read by Ray Chase

Now living in New York, ex-cop Frank Clemons investigates the brutal murder of an elderly woman whose murky past leads him into the deadly shadows of a decades-old mystery. Learn More
Good Behavior

Donald E. Westlake; read by Brian Holsopple

John Dortmunder’s one of the slyest burglars going. But while fleeing the police during his latest caper, he falls through the roof of the Silent Sisterhood of St. Filumena—and into the lap of trouble. Learn More
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