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NPR American Chronicles: The Military History Collection

Performance - Spoken Word
Nonfiction: Public Radio/American History/Military History
Unabridged   13.25 hour(s)
Publication date: 09/30/2016

NPR American Chronicles: The Military History Collection

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Audio CD ISBN:9781681682365
Digital Download ISBN:9781681682372


The NPR® American Chronicles series explores the historical events that continue to resonate in our lives. Expert commentary and unforgettable stories create vivid sound portraits of history’s greatest people and events, examined in multi-faceted and moving detail. Hosted by Neal Conan, Rachel Martin, and Audie Cornish.

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Product Description

Includes four complete, critically acclaimed and award-winning audio documentaries:

• The Civil War - NPR captures the battlefield action, the personal struggles, and the moral dilemmas of the war that pitted brother against brother (and sometimes sister) and friend against friend. This revealing collection of Civil War stories features gripping history and expert commentary from the likes of Shelby Foote, E.L. Doctorow, James McPherson and many others.
• World War I - Famously referred to by US president Woodrow Wilson as “the war to end all wars,” the first world war eclipsed all previous wars with its scale of destruction. With over twenty-seven nations involved, the battle-field horrors and political outcomes of the first truly global military conflict had repercussions that are still felt today. NPR presents a vivid portrait of what most experts consider the first modern war, including profiles of America’s flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker, unlikely savior of war-torn Belgium Herbert Hoover, and the last surviving doughboy Frank Buckles.
• World War II - NPR reveals remarkable stories of valor, bravery, and survival from the deadliest conflict in history with this vast panorama of interviews, memories, and first person accounts from fronts in Europe, the Pacific, and at home. Harrowing, heartbreaking and deeply personal, this collection offers an intimate, engaging way to learn more about the war that changed the world.
• The Vietnam War - NPR reported firsthand on the Vietnam War, and for the very first time presents exclusive stories on the origins of the conflict to its major battles; from the fall of Saigon to the repercussions of the war still felt today. Featuring perspectives of ordinary people affected by the conflict as well as high-ranking policy makers and military members who were there.


"These technically flawless productions are especially valuable for reference and history buffs." —AudioFile

Author Bio

NPR is an internationally acclaimed producer and distributor of news, talk, and entertainment programming. Established in 1971, NPR content reaches a growing audience of 26.8 million listeners weekly. NPR member organizations operate 784 stations, and another 117 public radio stations also present NPR programs, for a total of more than 900 stations nationwide who broadcast NPR programming.