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The Pig Did It

Fiction: Humor
Unabridged   6.5 hour(s)
Publication date: 04/05/2011

A Washington Post Book World Best Book

The Pig Did It

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Audio CD ISBN:9781611744156
Digital Download ISBN:9781611744163


When a pig digs up bones from the past, the mayhem begins. A novel set in contemporary Ireland, written with an Irish lilt, and filled with indelible characters and sheer hilarity.

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Product Description

A pig escapes from its pen and roots up the garden of Kitty McCloud, a bestselling novelist who “corrects” the classics. What the obstreperous little pig unearths is evidence of a possible transgression that the novel’s three Irish characters—the plagiarizing Kitty, her blood-feud rival Kieran, and a sexy swineherd named Lolly—are convinced the other has probably benefited from.

How this hilarious mystery is resolved inspires both comic eloquence and a theatrically colorful canvas depicting the brooding Irish land and seascape.


“The macabre comedy plays out in sparkling dialogue, including some hilarious speeches that are both incantations of Irish mythology and masterful bits of parody. . . . [Caldwell’s] perfect ear for the non sequiturs of real conversation is a constant delight.”
       —Washington Post

“Puts farcical doings into lilting language and provides a payoff that is as unexpected as it is satisfying.”
       —Publishers Weekly

“Irish to the core, [Caldwell’s trilogy] speaks to all of humanity . . . with a heart as wide as an Irish smile and a drollness that would be welcome in many a pub.”
       —Richmond Times-Dispatch

Author Bio

JOSEPH CALDWELL is a playwright and novelist who has been awarded the Rome Prize for Literature by the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He is the author of five novels in addition to the Pig Trilogy. He began writing the trilogy when he was a volunteer in a hospital during the AIDS epidemic. Realizing his work could get no darker, he had to lighten up. Caldwell lives in New York City.

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