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Planet Simpson

Nonfiction: Performing Arts / Television / History & Criticism
Abridged   12 hour(s)
Publication date: 10/11/2004

Planet Simpson

How a Cartoon Masterpiece Documented an Era and Defined a Generation

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Digital Download ISBN:9781598872194


Going well beyond a critical discussion of a single television program, this book will use The Simpsons as a window on the culture at large to deliver first-hand reportage of the defining events and trends of our accelerated, confounding era.

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Product Description

Planet Simpson is the first book to bring in-depth analysis to that most important pop-cultural institution of the last decade—Fox TV's The Simpsons—and use the show as a microcosm of the Western culture it has hilariously (and mercilessly) influenced and reflected. Planet Simpson is broken down into scathingly funny chapters analyzing each major character's relationship to different facets of the American character: from Homer, the ultimate everyman of the American century to C. Montgomery Burns, who is unchecked capitalism personified.

Author Bio

Canadian CHRIS TURNER is an award-winning magazine journalist. His pop culture and technology reporting and essays for Shift magazine earned him six National Magazine Awards in the last three years, including the President's Medal for General Excellence in 2001, the highest honor in Canadian magazine writing. His Shift essay, "The Simpsons Generation" (the genesis of this book) appeared in September 2002. He is a regular contributor to Time and The Globe and Mail. He lives in Alberta.