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The Pleasure Zone

Abridged   3 hour(s)
Publication date: 01/11/1999

The Pleasure Zone

Why We Resist Good Feelings & How to Let Go and Be Happy

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We have the capacity for boundless pleasure, so why aren't we happier?

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Product Description

From her own years of work and extensive corroborative research, Dr. Stella Resnick has discovered the root of unhappiness: pleasure resistance. In The Pleasure Zone, she takes us to where we live—our bodies—and offers simple, sensible tools to help us move toward what we want: healthy and fulfilling lives.

Dr. Resnick explores the connection between happiness and pleasure, explains how we've been trained to limit the pleasure we tolerate, offers keys to reaching our pleasure potential, and describes eight core pleasures that lie within our grasp:
• primal pleasure (learning to let go)
• pain relief (turning pain into pleasure)
• the elemental pleasures (play, laughter, movement)
• mental pleasure (thinking good thoughts)
• emotional pleasure (feeling good feelings)
• sensual pleasure (becoming more sensuous)
• sexual pleasure (turning up the heat)
• spiritual pleasure (the joys of a buoyant spirit)

Filled with stories of people who have reclaimed pleasures they once denied themselves, complete with simple experiments that enhance specific pleasures, this is wise, encouraging, practical advice with the power to change your life.