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Pocket Kings

Fiction: Popular Fiction
Unabridged   12.75 hour(s)
Publication date: 03/27/2012

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Pocket Kings

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Audio CD ISBN:9781611747782
Digital Download ISBN:9781611747799


The lines between what is real and what is virtual begin to blur when a novelist with writer’s block looks for an outlet—and a new source of income—by playing online poker.

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Product Description

Frank Dixon’s first novel, Plague Boy, is sinking into oblivion on Amazon, and neither his—nor anyone else’s—literary agent will return his calls. Then Frank discovers online poker, and is soon addicted to the rush he feels as the successful, popular “Chip Zero.” But as he wins thousands of dollars, it soon becomes clear that his internet success is not the solution to his problems. And when the virtual world comes crashing in on Frank’s real life, it can only mean trouble.


“Narrator William Roberts delivers a stellar turn as Dixon—a man so easily carried away by the prospect of free money that he loses himself . . . in the process.”
      —Publishers Weekly [starred review]

“Narrator William Roberts inhabits the other characters in the same way that he inhabits the protagonist—with an unerring sense of ironic poise. The story gives Roberts a large canvas onto which he paints the many colorful and hilarious heartaches of an unforgettable character.”
      —AudioFile [Earphones Award Winner]

“This hilarious dosing of satire and black humor nails both the delusions of wannabe writers, and also the giddy hopes of those who think ‘something for nothing’ is a worthy—or even possible—American dream. Narrator William Roberts . . . gives a Royal Flush performance in creating the character of Dixon, displaying a versatile range of emotions and accents guided by an overall sense of timing and arc.”
      —Audiobooks Today

“An illuminating and fully realized story about identity and reputation in the digital age. At its best, Pocket Kings explores authentic existence and the desperate extremes to which a man will go to be recognized in an industry that he, like so many others, despises and loves.”—Washington Post

“[Heller’s] truly standout talent—and I’m delivering this compliment with the front of my hand—is for comically depicting our most awkward and disgraceful inner states.”
      —New York Times Review of Books

“A well-crafted and entertaining satire on the world of modern publishing, as well as the perverse artificiality of the Internet. . . . Heller still manages to make the reader laugh and rage at more or less the same time.”
      —Publishers Weekly

“The pace is fast, the plot twisty, and the satire bites viciously as Heller takes gleeful chunks out of the publishing world, Internet culture, and the poker craze, all the while addressing serious questions about the nature of success and reality. . . . Dixon is a comic protagonist for the digital age, and this novel is good, angry fun.”
      —Library Journal

Author Bio

TED HELLER is the author of Slab Rat, which GQ magazine called “diabolically witty” and the Washington Post called “uncommonly smart, funny, and dead on” and named as one of the 10 best novels of the year. He is also the author of Funnymen, which the Guardian of England called “a masterpiece of comic invention” and the Times of London called “one of the most satisfying books in years.” Previously a senior writer at Nickelodeon Magazine, Heller lives in New York.

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