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Politics and Policy

Politics and Policy

Kalorama Audio is a leading audio publisher for politics and policy. Kalorama Audio has developed partnerships with journalists, authors, and commentators writing about politics, policy initiatives, and public discourse.

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Information Wars

by Richard Stengel; read by Christopher Grove

Richard Stengel shows how disinformation is impacting our global society in this timely, must-listen book. Learn More
American Restoration

by Timothy S. Goeglein & Craig Osten; read by George W. Sarris

In this clear-eyed but hopeful guide to restoration, Tim Goeglein and Craig Osten explain how patriotic Americans, with God's help, can renew fifteen critical components of our culture. Learn More
Search and Destroy

by Ryan Lovelace; read by Terrence Bayes

In this deeply researched account, one of Washington's top legal reporters reveals the massive funding, sophisticated organization, and fanatical zeal behind the campaign to stop Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the nation’s highest court. Learn More
Strong Towns

by Charles L. Marohn, Jr.; read by Matthew Boston

Presenting the foundational ideas of the Strong Towns movement he cofounded, Charles Marohn explains why cities of all sizes continue to struggle to meet their basic needs, and reveals the new paradigm that can solve this longstanding problem. Learn More
American Manifesto

by Bob Garfield; read by Bob Garfield

Do you fear for our democracy? Are you perplexed by Trumpism? Are you ready to throw in the towel? Don’t! This is your guidebook to reassembling our hyperpolarized American society in six (not-so-easy) steps, written by cohost of WNYC's On the Media, Bob Garfield. Learn More
Election Meltdown

by Richard L. Hasen; read by Tim Paige

As the 2020 presidential campaign begins to take shape, there is widespread distrust of the fairness and accuracy of American elections. In this timely and accessible book, Richard L. Hasen uses riveting stories illustrating four factors increasing the mistrust. Learn More
The Fragile Middle Class

by Teresa A. Sullivan, Elizabeth Warren, & Jay Lawrence Westbrook; read by Suzie Althens

In this classic analysis of hard-pressed families, the authors discover that financial stability for many middle-class Americans is all too fragile. The authors consider the changing cultural and economic factors that threaten financial security and what they imply for the future vitality of the middle class. Learn More
The Loud Minority

Daniel Q. Gillion; read by David Sadzin

An exploration of how protests affect voter behavior and warn of future electoral changes, The Loud Minority looks at the many ways that activism can shape democracy. Learn More
Let the People Rule

by John G. Matsusaka; read by Christopher Grove

With a crisis of representation hobbling democracies across the globe, Let the People Rule offers important new ideas about the crucial role the referendum can play in the future of government. Learn More

by KT McFarland; read by KT McFarland

When Trump's first Deputy National Security Advisor left Washington, she disappeared from sight. Now former government official and political commentator KT McFarland returns with tenacity, resolve, and the truth about the Trump Administration and those seeking to destroy it. Learn More
Coup d'Etat

by Jerome R. Corsi; read by Jerome R. Corsi

Coup d'Etat blows the lid off the Deep State's efforts to prevent the Trump presidency, disrupt his agenda, and prevent his reelection. Learn More

by Gilda R. Daniels; read by Gilda R. Daniels

Uncounted examines the phenomenon of disenfranchisement through the lens of history, race, law, and the democratic process. Learn More

by David Daley read by LJ Ganser

A revelatory account by the bestselling author of Ratf**ked that will give you hope that America's fragile democracy can still be saved. Learn More
The Firsts

by Jennifer Steinhauer; read by Tanya Eby

A lively, behind-the-scenes look at the historic cohort of diverse, young, and groundbreaking women newly elected to the House of Representatives in 2018 as they arrive in Washington, DC, and start working for change, by a New York Times reporter with sharp insight and deep knowledge of the Hill. Learn More
Bigger Than Bernie

by Meagan Day & Micah Uetricht; read by Christopher Grove

A guide to political revolution using Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign as a springboard. Learn More
How to Make Love to a Despot

by Stephen D. Krasner; read by David de Vries

After generations of foreign policy failures, the United States can finally try to make the world safer—not by relying on utopian goals but by working pragmatically with nondemocracies. Learn More
Taking Back the Constitution

by Mark Tushnet; read by Peter Lerman

In Taking Back the Constitution, Mark Tushnet offers a passionate and informed argument for replacing judicial supremacy with popular constitutionalism. Learn More
The Inevitability of Tragedy

by Berry Gewen; read by Paul Woodson

A new portrait of Henry Kissinger focusing on the fundamental ideas underlying his policies: Realism, balance of power, and national interest. Learn More

by Renee Knake Jefferson & Hannah Brenner Johnson; read by Kitty Hendrix

The inspiring and previously untold history of the women considered—but not selected—for the US Supreme Court. Learn More
Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop

by Lee Drutman; read by Christopher Grove

Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop makes a compelling case for large scale electoral reform—importantly, reform not requiring a constitutional amendment—that would give America more parties, making American democracy more representative, more responsive, and ultimately more stable. Learn More
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