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Politics and Policy

Politics and Policy

Kalorama Audio is a leading audio publisher for politics and policy. Kalorama Audio has developed partnerships with journalists, authors, and commentators writing about politics, policy initiatives, and public discourse.

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The Civic Bargain

by Brook Manville and Josiah Ober; read by Christopher Douyard

A powerful case for democracy and how it can adapt and survive—if we want it to. Learn More

by Thomas E. Weaver; read by Steve Menasche

A timely look at how the Electoral College has changed US history and why it endures—told through the lenses of specific people who both influenced the process and were impacted by the results. Learn More
Ageing without Ageism?

by Greg Bognar and Axel Gosseries; read by Ulf Bjorkland

Ageing without Ageism? contributes to the essential and timely discussion of age, ageism, population ageing, and public policy. With contributions from twenty-one authors, the discussion bridges the gap between academia and public life by putting in dialogue fresh philosophical analysis and specific new policy proposals. It approaches familiar issues like age discrimination, justice between age groups, and democratic participation across the ages from novel perspectives. Learn More

by Todd Bensman; read by Frank Block

Overrun provides the first full account of the worst mass immigration border crisis ever to strike the United States, how and why the administration of President Joe Biden unleashed it, how it has forever altered the nation, and what voters and all future leaders need to comprehend in order to finally end it. Learn More
24/7 Politics

by Kathryn Cramer Brownell; read by Patricia Shade

How cable television upended American political life in the pursuit of profits and influence. Learn More
Being Social

edited by Kimberley Brownlee, David Jenkins, and Adam Neal; read by Alex Wyndham and Danielle Cohen

This pioneering collection of original essays aims to remedy the neglect of social needs and rights in human rights theory and practice by exploring the social dimensions of the human-rights minimum. The essays subject enumerated social human rights and proposed social human rights to philosophical scrutiny, and probe the conceptual, normative, and practical implications of taking social human rights seriously. Learn More
The Myth of Left and Right

by Hyrum Lewis and Verlan Lewis; read by Hyrum Lewis

A groundbreaking argument that the political spectrum today is inadequate to twenty-first-century America and a major source of the confusion and hostility that characterize contemporary political discourse. Learn More
Beyond Your Bubble

by Tania Isreal; read by Tania Isreal

As featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, TED Talks, and the Orange County Register, this practical, politically neutral book offers concrete skills for holding meaningful conversations that cut across today's intense political divide, showing listeners how to connect to the people in their lives. Learn More
The Making of Black Lives Matter

by Christopher J. Lebron; read by Diontae Black

A condensed and accessible intellectual history that traces the genesis of the ideas that have built into the #BlackLivesMatter movement in a bid to help us make sense of the emotions, demands, and arguments of present-day activists and public thinkers. Learn More
The Struggle for Law in the Oceans

by John Norton Moore; read by Bob Johnson

During the 1970s and 1980s the United States led the world in negotiating one of the most important treaties in history, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). Today UNCLOS is in force for 168 countries and the European Union. Isolationist arguments, however, have for a quarter-century prevented the Senate from voting on the Convention. This book discusses the robust reasons favoring the Convention, and offers a sharp critical examination of the arguments still being made against it. Learn More

by Sander van der Linden; read by Sander van der Linden

In Foolproof, one of the world’s leading experts on misinformation lays out a crucial new paradigm for understanding and defending ourselves against the worldwide infodemic. Learn More
At the Frontier of God's Empire

by Ji Li; read by Kathleen Li

At the Frontier of God's Empire: A Missionary Odyssey in Modern China tells the remarkable story of Alfred Marie Caubrière (1876–1948). Learn More

by William D. Eggers and Donald F. Kettl; read by Paul Heitsch

Our government is in crisis, mired in bureaucracy and often unable to fix tough problems. This book provides an essential new model for transforming the system and getting things done. Learn More
Spying on the Reich

by R. T. Howard; read by Julian Elfer

Drawing on a wide range of previously unpublished British, French, German, Danish, and Czech archival sources, Spying on the Reich tells the story of Germany and its rearmament in the 1920s and 1930s; its relations with foreign governments and their intelligence services; and the relations and rivalries between Western governments, seen through the prism of the cooperation, or lack of it, between their spy agencies. Learn More
The Poverty Paradox

by Mark Robert Rank; read by Barry Abrams

The Poverty Paradox represents a game changing examination of poverty and inequality. Based on decades of scholarship and research, it provides the essential blueprint for finally combatting this economic injustice in the years ahead. Learn More
Junk Food Politics

by Eduardo J. Gómez; read by Timothy Andres Pabon

Why do sugary beverage and fast food industries thrive in the emerging world? Learn More
Democracy Unmoored

by Samuel Issacharoff; read by Stephen Caffrey

A powerful new account of how populist movements are sabotaging political institutions from within and undermining democracies across the globe. Learn More
Policing Gun Violence

by Anthony A. Braga and Philip J. Cook; read by Eric Jason Martin

Drawing on fifty years of research and practical experience, Policing Gun Violence argues that it is possible for the police to create greater public safety while respecting the rights of individuals and communities. Learn More
The Drive for Dollars

by Brian D. Taylor, Eric A. Morris, and Jeffrey R. Brown; read by Derek Dysart

The story of the interplay between finance, freeways, and urban form in the twentieth century and their enduring impact on American cities and neighborhoods in the twenty-first. Learn More

by Jason Brennan; read by Jonathan Todd Ross

Democracy: A Guided Tour gives listeners a crash course on the evolution of the idea of democracy, how it has been and is currently practiced, and how we might think about it as we head into a new chapter in its story. Learn More
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