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Politics and Policy

Politics and Policy

Kalorama Audio is a leading audio publisher for politics and policy. Kalorama Audio has developed partnerships with journalists, authors, and commentators writing about politics, policy initiatives, and public discourse.

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Introduction to Politics 4th Edition

by Robert Garner, Peter Ferdinand, Stephanie Lawson; read by Corrie James

Combining theory, comparative politics, and international relations, Introduction to Politics, Fourth Edition provides the most comprehensive introduction to the subject for first year undergraduate students, with the most global perspective. Learn More
In Defense of Liberal Democracy

by Manuel Hinds; read by Timothy Andres Pabon

Manuel Hinds examines America's past and present (up to and including the 2020 presidential election) to illustrate how current events can be as dramatic as any historical legacy in warning us of the danger of abandoning our democratic principles. Learn More
Citizen Trump

by Robert Orlando; read by Charles Constant

Writer/director Robert Orlando presents the follow-up to his acclaimed documentary Citizen Trump. Learn More
Saving the News

by Martha Minow ; read by Eliza Foss

A detailed argument of how our government has interfered in the direction of America's media landscape that traces major transformations in media since the printing press and charts a path for reform. Learn More
Rethinking American Grand Strategy

edited by Elizabeth Borgwardt, Christopher McKnight Nichols, Andrew Preston; read by Teri Schnaubelt, Steve Menasche

A wide-ranging rethinking of the many factors that comprise the making of American Grand Strategy.
Learn More
Our Own Worst Enemy

by Tom Nichols; read by Tom Nichols

A contrarian yet highly engaging account of the spread of illiberal and anti-democratic sentiment throughout our culture that places responsibility on the citizens themselves. Learn More
Presumed Guilty

by Erwin Chemerinsky; read by Perry Daniels

Presumed Guilty reveals how the Supreme Court allows the perpetuation of racist policing by presuming that suspects, especially people of color, are guilty. Learn More
Two Roads Diverged

by Mark Sanford; read by Jim Seybert

Former Republican governor and congressman Mark Sanford shares his brutally honest and hard-hitting political memoir. Sanford first tells the story of his two very different falls and how the hard lessons he learned from the first led him to inevitably choosing the second by maintaining his integrity and opposing Trump. Learn More
Dirty Work

by Eyal Press; read by Neil Shah

A groundbreaking, urgent report from the front lines of "dirty work"—the work that society considers essential but morally compromised. Learn More
Charlie Brown's America

by Blake Scott Ball; read by Johnny Heller

Despite—or because of—its huge popular culture status, Peanuts enabled cartoonist Charles Schulz to offer political commentary on the most controversial topics of postwar American culture through the voices of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang. Learn More
The New Border Wars

by Klaus Dodds; read by Mike Cooper

A thrilling insight into international geopolitics by one of the world’s leading experts, examining the past, future, and present meaning of borders from the fall of the Berlin Wall to 9/11, Palestine to Pakistan, North Korea to Trump's Wall, and beyond. Learn More
The Centrist Solution

by Senator Joseph I. Lieberman; read by Rich Miller

Senator Joseph Lieberman offers a master class in effective government by probing his forty years in elective office—from the Vietnam War era to the Presidency of Barack Obama—and by shining a light on historic acts of centrism and compromise, extracting productive and problem-solving lessons and techniques we need now more than ever.
Learn More
Work Without the Worker

by Phil Jones; read by David Vickery

An accessible analysis of the new forms of work whose seismic changes will increasingly determine the future of capitalism. Learn More
The Chinese Question

by Mae M. Ngai; read by Cindy Kay

How Chinese migration to the world's goldfields upended global power and economics and forged modern conceptions of race. Learn More
Pax Transatlantica

by Jussi M. Hanhimaki; read by Mike Cooper

A bold argument that tackles current trends, such as rising nationalism, arguing that they strengthen rather than undermine transatlantic ties. Learn More
The Vote Collectors

by Nick Ochsner and Michael Graff; read by Nick Ochsner

The Vote Collectors shows the reality of election stealing in one southern county, where democracy was undermined the old-fashioned way: one absentee ballot at a time. Learn More
Bearing Witness While Black

by Allissa V. Richardson; read by Machelle Williams

Bearing Witness While Black tells the story of this century's most powerful Black social movement through the eyes of fifteen activists who documented it. Learn More
The Final Fight for Freedom

by Congressman Chris Stewart and Dane Stewart; read by Tom Parks

New York Times bestselling author Chris Stewart presents his latest book, cowritten with Dr. Dane Stewart. Learn More
The Long Game

by Rush Doshi; read by Kyle Tait

In The Long Game, Rush Doshi draws from a rich base of Chinese primary sources, including decades worth of party documents, leaked materials, memoirs by party leaders, and a careful analysis of China's conduct to provide a history of China's grand strategy since the end of the Cold War. Learn More
Global Politics

by Stephanie Lawson; read by Corinne Davies

Global Politics is a concise and engaging introduction to international relations. Stephanie Lawson introduces the key theories and concepts underpinning the discipline, giving listeners a foundation to study politics on both a personal and global scale, including issues relating to gender, sexuality, and ethnicity, as well as the economy, environment, and concepts of justice. Learn More
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