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Politics and Policy

Politics and Policy

Kalorama Audio is a leading audio publisher for politics and policy. Kalorama Audio has developed partnerships with journalists, authors, and commentators writing about politics, policy initiatives, and public discourse.

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Spies, Lies, and Algorithms

by Amy B. Zegart; read by Amy B. Zegart

A riveting account of espionage for the digital age, from one of America's leading intelligence experts. Learn More
China's Foreign Policy Contradictions

by Tim Nicholas Ruhlig; read by Jamie Renell

Drawing from in-depth interviews with party-state officials, Tim Nicholas Rühlig explains why China's foreign policy is so inconsistent, and why it is likely to contribute to a more particularistic, plural, and fragmented international order in the years to come. Learn More
The Fifth Horseman and the New MAD

by Harlan Ullman; read by Daniel Thomas May

In this transformative, provocative, and highly innovative book, Dr. Harlan Ullman issues a dramatic warning about so far unrecognized existential dangers to the nation and offers a plan of action. Learn More
Western Jihadism

by Jytte Klausen; read by Rosemary Benson

Drawing on her unparalleled database of up to 6,500 Western jihadist extremists and their networks, Jytte Klausen has produced the most comprehensive account yet of the origins of Western jihadism and its role in the global movement. Learn More
Designing for Democracy

by Jennifer Forestal; read by Holly Adams

In Designing for Democracy, Jennifer Forestal argues that accurately evaluating the democratic potential of digital spaces means studying how the built environment—a primary component of our "modern public square"—structures our activity, shapes our attitudes, and supports the kinds of relationships and behaviors democracy requires. Learn More

by Michael L. Walker; read by Earl McLean

An intimate, firsthand account of the emotional and physical experience of doing time in jail and the strategies for enduring it. Learn More
The New Fire

by Ben Buchanan, Andrew Imbrie; read by Stephen Bel Davies

Combining an incisive understanding of technology with shrewd geopolitical analysis, AI policy experts Ben Buchanan and Andrew Imbrie show how AI can work for democracy. Learn More
Spin Dictators

by Sergei Guriev and Daniel Treisman; read by David de Vries

Uncovering a new brand of authoritarianism, Sergei Guriev and Daniel Treisman explain the rise of "spin dictators," describing how they emerge and operate, the new threats they pose, and how democracies should respond. Learn More
Thinking Like an Economist

by Elizabeth Popp Berman; read by Suzie Althens

The story of how economic reasoning came to dominate Washington between the 1960s and 1980s—and why it continues to constrain progressive ambitions today.
Learn More

by Hawa Allan; read by Hawa Allan

A brilliant debut by lawyer and critic Hawa Allan on the paradoxical state of black citizenship in the United States. Learn More
Going Big

by Robert Kuttner; foreword by Joseph E. Stiglitz; read by Robert Kuttner

With history and the extraordinary parallels between Biden and FDR as his guide, the veteran political analyst diagnoses what's at stake for America in 2022 and beyond. Learn More
Bodies on the Line

by Lauren Rankin; read by Kate Udall

A powerfully empathetic and impeccably researched look at abortion clinic escorting, which Rebecca Traister (New York Times bestselling author of Good and Mad) calls "one of the most under-covered and crucial, lifesaving, rigorous forms of activism out there." Learn More
Ice War Diplomat

by Gary Smith; read by Kyle Tait

Marking the fiftieth anniversary of the historic Summit Series, here is the incredible story of an unlikely political stage—the hockey rink—where a Cold War, and the threat of nuclear annihilation, is no less important than a power play in the final minute. Discover a diplomacy mission like no other: caught between capitalism and communism, Canada and the Soviet Union, young Canadian diplomat Gary J. Smith must navigate the rink, melting the ice between two nations skating a dangerous path. Learn More
25 Lies

by Vince Everett Ellison; read by Vince Everett Ellison

In this stunningly persuasive work, Vince Ellison marshals his own experience and couples it with a learned and original analysis to conclude that the leaders of America's "progressive" party aren't just wrong on their policy stances—they are deliberately destructive. Learn More
Small Power

by David Doherty, Conor M. Dowling, and Michael G. Miller; read by Joe Hempel

An insider's look into the largely anonymous volunteers in local party organizations who make decisions in elections with profound implications for American democracy. Learn More
Criminal Fraud and Election Disinformation

by Jeremy Horder; read by Jonathan Johns

Criminal Fraud and Election Disinformation discusses the state's approach to fraud and distortion of the truth in politics, especially during election campaigns. Learn More
The Fighting Soul

by Ari Rabin-Havt; read by Peter Berkrot

Though his campaign ended in abrupt and unexpected defeat, Bernie Sanders has pushed the Democratic Party to the left and helped remake American politics. Revelatory and heartfelt, The Fighting Soul depicts the rare politician motivated by principle, not power. Learn More

by Charlie Baker and Steve Kadish; read by Charles Constant

Distilled into a four-step framework, Results is the much-needed implementation guide for anyone in public service, as well as for leaders and managers in large organizations hamstrung by bureaucracy and politics. With a broad range of examples, Baker, a Republican, and Kadish, a Democrat, show how to move from identifying problems to achieving results in a way that bridges divides instead of exacerbating them. Learn More
Prophets without Honor

by Shlomo Ben-Ami; read by David Colacci

A high-level insider's history of the efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from 2000 Camp David Talks to the present, that explains why successive attempts have all failed. Learn More
Gendering the GOP

by Catherine N. Wineinger; read by Kim Niemi

In Gendering the GOP, Catherine N. Wineinger argues that to truly understand the evolution of women's congressional representation, it is necessary to move beyond an analysis of legislative behavior and toward an analysis of intraparty gender dynamics. Unlike previous research on women in Congress, Wineinger focuses exclusively on the experiences of Republican congresswomen to uncover some of the gendered implications of congressional polarization. Learn More
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