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Red 1-2-3

Unabridged   14 hour(s)
Publication date: 12/31/2013

Red 1-2-3

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Audio CD ISBN:9781622312450
Digital Download ISBN:9781622312467


Three women, unknown to each other and with seemingly nothing in common but the color of their hair, receive a letter from a madman informing them that they have been chosen by him to die.

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Product Description

“No one has ever done what I intend to do. Three wildly different victims. Three distinct locations. Three different deaths. All on the same day. Within hours of each other. Deaths that tumble together like dominoes. Each one falling against the next. Click. Click. Click.”

Three red-headed women—One, Two, and Three—do not know one another though they live only a few miles apart. Each is being hunted by a psychopath intent on committing three perfect murders, works of such artistic brilliance that they will be written about and studied in Universities for decades to come. The women know they have been marked for death—they just don’t know when it is to happen, or how, or by whom. Or why.

Redhead One is a fifty-one-year-old single doctor. Redhead Two, a thirty-three-year-old middle school teacher. Redhead Three is a seventeen-year-old prep school student. Their tormenter seems to be everywhere and know everything about them, able to orchestrate fear so excruciating as to be unbearable. He is the Big Bad Wolf, and he is determined to rewrite the ending of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale into a slaughter of the innocents


“Smartly plotted thriller. . . . Postel has a polished melodic vocal quality that is easy to listen to.”
      —Publishers Weekly

“A page-turner from the get-go and must reading for thriller fans.”
      —Booklist [HC starred review]

Author Bio

JOHN KATZENBACH has written several bestselling novels, including two Edgar Award nominees and three works that have been made into major motion pictures. Katzenbach has been a criminal court reporter for The Miami Herald and Miami News and a featured writer for the Herald’s Tropic magazine. He lives in western Massachusetts.

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